Switching Your Fleet From Gas to Battery with Confidence

Shifting your business from gas to battery outdoor power equipment is a big decision. STIHL offers a wide range of battery-powered lawn tools and charging solutions to fit your business's needs, so you can be confident in your decision to switch with STIHL.

STIHL offers a wide range of gas-powered and battery-powered lawn tools to fit the varying needs of landscaping professionals. Learn more about STIHL professional battery-powered equipment and find the right tools for your fleet.

STIHL Battery

If you're considering switching your fleet from gas-powered to battery-powered outdoor equipment, you'll find everything you need to maintain your roster of client properties with the STIHL AP Professional System.

STIHL AP Professional System

STIHL pro battery tools deliver professional-grade power and are built to take on a variety of jobs. With a wide range of equipment crafted with pros in mind, the STIHL lineup of professional battery tools is Built for Work.

Customize your fleet’s lineup with a variety of tools available within the STIHL AP Professional System, including:

  • Handheld and backpack battery blowers
  • Battery edgers
  • Battery trimmers
  • Battery pole pruners
  • Battery hedge trimmers
  • Battery chainsaws
  • Battery mowers
  • STIHL all-in-one KombiMotor

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Pro Testimonials

“The longevity of the battery STIHL equipment is just as good if not even better than the gas powered. And its durability… it takes the same beating as the gas powered.”

- Armando Vega, EnviroViews Landscape Company

"They plug it in, they charge it, they put the battery in the product, and they go. The maintenance is substantially less, and the reliability is extremely, substantially higher."

- Don Stewart, CEO, Stewart’s Power Equipment

"I absolutely would recommend the STIHL battery line and do already recommend it to any landscaping company."

- Ashley Buckley, Owner/Operator, Oddly Enough Landscaping

Free STIHL Demo

Want to see STIHL professional battery tools in action firsthand? STIHL offers its Professional Instruction Program, where you and your team can experience a live demo of STIHL equipment, check out specific features, ask questions about the equipment, and more.

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The Battery Payoff for Pros

Converting your fleet to battery power is an investment that can pay off big for your business. In addition to benefits of battery that include lower maintenance and reduced noise, switching to battery-powered equipment saves you in fuel and operating costs can save you thousands.

See how your business can save by switching to battery power using the Pro Battery ROI Calculator.

Making the Switch

Ready to make a move to battery power? STIHL has a professional line-up of battery-powered lawn tools ready to take your business to the next level.

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Get your hands on a STIHL and experience pro battery power in action. Book a free on-site demo with one of our experienced instructors today.