A Gift Guide Built for Mom

Landscaper. Business owner. Mom. Ashley Buckley has worn a lot of hats, but when it came to starting a landscaping business with tools that allowed her to get more done and spend more time with her daughter, she added another hat: STIHL enthusiast.

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Blazing a New Trail

When Ashley Buckley looked to make a career change, she had a lot of things to consider. What brought her joy? How could she get started? Most importantly, what could she do that would give her the freedom to spend more time with her daughter? Combining her love of the outdoors with the freedom of being her own boss, Ashley opened her own landscaping company. When it came to powering her new business, she knew what she needed to make her dreams a reality: professional landscaping tools and equipment that could get the job done and not hold her back when it came to issues like maintenance and upkeep.

Ashley Buckley
Ashley Buckley
Ashley Buckley

Making It Possible

It didn’t take long for Ashley to realize STIHL professional-grade battery equipment was just what she needed. Built with similar components and delivering comparable power to their gas counterparts, STIHL pro-grade battery tools also provide plenty of run time and are virtually maintenance-free. With the help of STIHL battery landscaping tools, Ashley was able to grow her business and, most importantly, have more time to enjoy what truly mattered to her.