Battery Charging Times and Charging Solutions

When it comes to STIHL battery outdoor power equipment, professionals don’t need to sacrifice power or performance. STIHL offers a wide range of powerful battery-powered equipment to fit the varying needs of professionals, along with charging solutions to keep your fleet powered.

Use the included charts to help you determine the best charging solutions for your business and to help you calculate how many batteries are needed for your daily work.

STIHL AP Professional System

Featuring commercial-grade power and durability, STIHL professional battery tools are Built for Work.

The STIHL AP Professional Battery System includes batteries for power tools ranging in power from the lightweight AP 200 up to the forceful AR 3000 L. Each battery is weather resistant and offers long run times, operating at full speed with no drop-off in power throughout the life of the charge. See each individual battery’s specifications below.

Battery Life Cycles

The life cycle of a battery is the number of charge and discharge cycles that a battery can complete before losing performance.

For example, a STIHL AP 200 battery can handle up to 1,500 full charge cycles while the STIHL AP 500 S battery gives you up to 2,500 full charge cycles at 100% capacity.

AP Battery Charging Time and Run Time Chart

A battery's run time depends on the equipment being used as well as how, and at what power level, it is being used. Wondering how to calculate battery run time for your specific STIHL battery power equipment? We’ve done the work for you. See the STIHL AP Battery System Usage Chart

Battery charging times for 80% or 100% capacity based on your battery and charger can also be found in this chart

How to Get the Most Out of Your Battery

Like your outdoor power equipment, the battery that powers it needs proper care and maintenance to keep it running for years to come. It’s important to charge and store your batteries properly to ensure you get the best performance from your STIHL battery-powered tools. Here are some tips to get the most life out of your battery and run time out of your equipment.

  • Use the correct battery and charging system.
  • Maintain the proper charging routine.
    • Only use a stronger charger if your usage demands it. A faster charging speed, like more frequent charging, puts more strain on the battery.
  • There is no need to recharge immediately after brief usage as this will lead to reduced battery life.
  • Use your battery regularly to prevent degradation of capacity over time.
  • Properly store batteries.
    • Make sure the battery is clean and dry, according to product safety manual instructions.
    • Store away from direct sunlight in a secured and dry area in temperatures no less than 14ºF and no greater than 12ºF.
    • Avoid extreme temperatures. For maximum battery life, store the battery at an ambient temperature between 50ºF and 68ºF with a charge between 40% (two green LEDs) and 80% (three green LEDs).
    • Store out of reach of children.

How Your Business Can Save by Switching to Battery Power

Converting your fleet of professional outdoor power equipment to battery power is an investment that can pay off big for your business. Perks for professionals who use battery power include lower maintenance and the ability to work in noise-sensitive areas, along with significant operational savings that increase over time.

Use our calculator to find out how quickly your investment in battery-operated equipment can pay off.

Calculate Battery Power Savings

Explore Local, State, and Federal Sustainability Initiatives

Check your local area for grants, incentives, or support for businesses transitioning to battery-powered equipment due to environmental regulations.

For example, homeowners and landscapers are seeing a big change in the type of handheld outdoor power equipment they can purchase in California. Some California Air District programs are offering exchange and incentive programs for both residents and professionals at participating STIHL Dealers.

Making the Switch

Ready to swap to battery power? From mowers to blowers to chainsaws to pruners, STIHL has the battery tools to fill your fleet’s needs.

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