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Tools That Work Like You Work

If you work in construction, you know your tools see serious wear. And it’s not just the tools. Construction is tough, no-nonsense work that separates the men from the boys. It also separates the great tools from the mediocre ones – the bargain bin products that might as well be sold in the toy aisle. That’s not you. And that’s not STIHL.

When we build a product, we stand behind it – because we know you’re standing behind it. Check out these tough STIHL products trusted by construction professionals everywhere:

This revolutionary concrete cutter changes the game with enhanced performance that cuts up to 15.7” deep into concrete, reinforced concrete (with rebar up to ½ inch), cinder blocks, masonry bricks, asphalt and soft stone. And it does all of this in a compact, lightweight package that is easy to maneuver and transport. It’s a great addition to your construction site when you need to get serious with concrete.

STIHL Cutquik® Cut-Off Machines
STIHL cut-off machines are industry leaders worldwide for a reason: They deliver superior power and convenient controls. STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machines are low-maintenance powerhouses that are portable and easy to use. From the back of their ergonomic grips to the tip of their reversible cutting arms, every inch of these handheld machines is designed for ultimate performance. Whether your day calls for trimming metal pipes down to size or crafting curbs and expansion joints, our Cutquik® machines deliver well-rounded performance.

Augers & Drills
Don't just make a hole – make a statement. STIHL augers and drills are lightweight and possess features designed with contractors in mind. Their gasoline – powered engines deliver the force you need wherever the job takes you, especially to places where electrical outlets are nowhere to be found. From mass flower plantings, fence and dock construction to building repair and pest control – even core drilling in concrete-these versatile tools are a hole in one.

Wet/Dry Vacuums
Where there’s work, there’s usually a mess. STIHL wet/dry vacuums make cleanups faster, quieter and cleaner than ever. Powerful suction? Check. Switch instantly from dry to wet cleanup? Check. German-engineered filter technology? Check. Whatever your work leaves behind, clean it up with STIHL.

Protective & Work Wear
STIHL offers a full line of protective apparel and work wear for construction professionals. STIHL work wear is comfortable to wear and boasts a range of designs, each uniquely suited for the task at hand. We offer helmet systems, boots, gloves, eyewear – just about everything you need to help stay protected from head to toe. Our gear is also OSHA and ANSI compliant, so you know it's ready for a long day's work.

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