STIHL Battery Products

STIHL is an innovator in battery-powered equipment. STIHL battery systems maximize the benefits of battery while delivering the powerful performance you expect from a STIHL. Find out how much you can get done On A Single Charge™.

Benefits of Battery

  • Zero Engine Exhaust Emissions

  • No Fuel Cost

  • Low Maintenance

  • Lightweight

  • Reduced-noise

Pick Your Power

The STIHL battery product line features four tiers of performance, so you can find the right family of products for your needs. Whether you’re a landscaping professional or an occasional use homeowner, STIHL battery tools have the power to get the job done On A Single Charge™, and to do it as well as gas-powered products.

Get It All Done On A Single Charge™

FSA 57
RMA 460
HSA 56
MSA 120 C-B
BGA 57