How to Replace Line in a STIHL Trimmer Head

Get step-by-step instructions on replacing line in your STIHL trimmer head — right from the source. Before you begin any maintenance on your equipment, make sure the equipment is completely powered off and thoroughly cleaned of dirt and debris.

For instructions on how to spool four of our most popular STIHL trimmer heads — AutoCut®, AutoCut® C (EasySpool™), STIHL FixCut™ and STIHL TrimCut™ — please click the link below.

NOTE: Not all STIHL trimmer line is compatible with your STIHL trimmer head. Please refer to your trimmer head instruction card to determine the correct diameter and length of STIHL trimmer line you will need. If you do not have this card, you can download a digital version online at STIHL Product Instruction Manuals.

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