Battery Charge and Run Time Information

Whether you're a homeowner tending to less than an acre, a professional taking on commercial landscapes, or somewhere in between, STIHL offers a range of battery-powered tools uniquely designed to meet your needs. Learn more about the charge and run times of our battery systems.


The battery life of STIHL tools depends on the battery used. For example, a STIHL MSA 60 C-B chainsaw with the recommended AK 20 battery lasts for up to 40 minutes or can achieve a battery life of up to 55 minutes when equipped with an AK 30 battery. You can find a complete list detailing the battery life for each of our STIHL battery-powered tools in the usage charts below. All STIHL battery-powered tools are ideal for use at home or by professionals.

AS System Battery Charge and Run Time Information

The extremely compact and maneuverable power tools in the AS System are perfect for detail work in the garden and around the yard. A rechargeable battery brings reliable power to get the job done.

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AI Integrated Battery Line Charge and Run Time Information

The STIHL AI Integrated Battery Line is the complete package. AI products feature an integrated battery, great performance, and enough run time to take care of jobs around the house on a single charge.

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AK Homeowner System Battery Charge and Run Time Information

The STIHL AK Homeowner System products are lightweight, powerful, and an excellent value. Products can be purchased individually or as a set with the battery and charger. All products in the system are interchangeable with AK System batteries and chargers.

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AP Professional System Battery Charge and Run Time Information

The STIHL AP Professional System brings the performance and reliability of STIHL's legendary gasoline-powered tools to a wide range of battery products, from trimmers and blowers to chainsaws and mowers. AP System products deliver professional-grade results and run times to match.

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