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Zack Kline - Professional Landscaper

Zack Kline is the CEO and Founder of A.I.R. Lawn Care, based in Rockville, Maryland. The A.I.R. stands for Atmosphere Improvement and Renewal, named so because the company is an ecofriendly lawn care service. They use all electric products that are charged with solar panels on their trucks and trailers. It's an innovative approach to lawn care that started with an idea Zack had in college. After noticing the environmental effects of gasoline-powered trimmers, Zack was committed to finding a better, greener approach to landscaping services. Through research, he found that STIHL had the best ecofriendly products on the market.

"They're very forward thinking, both in terms of their products as well as what they're doing strategically," he says." A lot of people, when they see the electric, they think it's less powerful. But with the technology that STIHL's developed, you couldn't tell the difference if I used a gas or electric, only that electric is much quieter and there's no emissions."

Zack's business has grown quickly, doubling each year since he started. He believes the ecofriendly model attracts some clients, and intrigues others. He frequently has people ask his crews about the products they're using, and where they were purchased. When this happens, he points them toward the nearest STIHL Dealership.

"STIHL has a great loyalty to the distributors and Dealers because of the great service they provide. If I ever have an issue with any of my equipment, I can take it to my local STIHL Dealer and have them take care of me. That way, I can continue to take care of my clients."

Zack sees STIHL as a partner in his mission to address environmental issues.

"Right now STIHL is way ahead of the market in producing electric-powered equipment or battery-powered equipment that contractors such as A.I.R. Lawn Care can use. But they still do provide very ecofriendly and efficient gasoline-powered equipment for other contractors that are still slowly making that transition."

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