How Your business can Save by switching to battery power

Converting your fleet of professional outdoor power equipment to battery power is an investment that can pay off big time for your business. In addition to benefits like low maintenance and the ability to work in noise-sensitive areas, you may also experience significant operational savings that increase over time. Use the calculator below to find out how quickly your investment can pay off.


Input information about your equipment usage and local prices to calculate your savings.

Please note that not every gas tool has a directly comparable battery-powered alternative. STIHL is always innovating our line of professional battery-powered tools, so check back in the future for the latest product offerings.

Step 1: begin your calculation by selecting the product you want to compare


Step 2: Choose a Product

Comparable Product1
BG 86

Step 3: Customize Usage

Gallons of gas consumed per week
Operating weeks per year
Current cost of gas per gallon
Electric per kwh
Not sure of your Electricity Price? Find it here.
Number of batteries2
Savings Results
Est. Annual Battery Cost Savings6
Est. Monthly Battery Cost Savings6
Recoup Initial Investment in $4 months

Estimated Costs

Initial battery product investment
BGA 86
Battery-Powered Product3 $$279.99
Battery4 $$299.99
Battery Charger4 $$109.99
Subtotal $$689.97
Est. Annual Electrical Cost 5 $$130.00
First Year Est. Total Costs $$819.97

Initial gas product investment
BG 86
Gas-Powered Product3 $289.99
Subtotal $$289.99
Est. Annual Fuel Cost 5 $$1,438.00
First Year Est. Total Costs $$1,727.99


STIHL has powerful, dependable pro-grade tools to make the transition to a battery-powered fleet as seamless as possible.

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1 Comparable gas-powered product is similar in power and performance to the battery unit selected.
2 When selecting "NUMBER OF BATTERIES," the additional investment figures into this overall comparison between gas and battery operation costs. Note: Additional batteries will increase the estimated operational costs which will, in turn, increase the length of time for battery power to pay for itself when compared to its gas-powered counterpart.
3 All product prices based on current MSRP. Prices may vary by dealer.
4 Based on the manufacturer-recommended battery for the selected product with the AL 300/301 charger.
5 Estimated Annual Operating Costs include costs of fuel and the cost of electricity to charge the battery. Electricity costs provided in the link are calculated from U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)—Average Price of Electricity to Residential Customers. The estimated annual fuel costs include both gasoline (at the price per gallon selected in the above slider) and a 2.6 oz. bottle of 2-cycle STIHL HP engine oil with an MSRP of $2.69 (per gallon of fuel). Handheld power tool fuel consumption data provided by a third-party independent laboratory, IAVF Antriebstechnik GmbH. Testing for gas-powered products conducted at 15% idle + 85% full load, idle speed according to manual. Estimated annual maintenance costs are not included.
6 Calculations are based on consumer entries above in conjunction with industry data to determine the estimated cost of operation and annual savings. The material and information contained herein is for general information purposes only. Subject to change or correction and product availability.