Bringing Connectivity to Your STIHL Fleet.

From providing product run times to showing the last location of tools, STIHL connected delivers a whole new level of tool and fleet management. With the STIHL Smart Connector and STIHL connect pro portal, optimizing workflow just got a lot easier.

STIHL Smart Connector

From providing product run times to showing the last location of tools, STIHL connected takes tool and fleet management to another level. Plus, with its ability to analyze electromagnetic disturbance and its Bluetooth® connectivity, it can gather and transmit data from virtually any tool with a motor.


Gathering data is only part of the equation. With the STIHL app, the tool and usage information collected and transmitted by the STIHL Smart Connector is analyzed by the STIHL connected app and tracked through a user-friendly interface, optimizing fleet management, maintenance scheduling and more.

STIHL Connect Pro Portal

Take on a new level of command with the STIHL connect pro portal. From observing when a tool was last used to establishing a maintenance schedule, STIHL connect pro portal not only gives you stronger management of your fleet but greater insight to your equipment.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to get more out of your tools or a professional trying to get the most out of your team, STIHL connected delivers on easy to use hardware and software that provides a host of benefits to a wide range of users.

Better manage product usage and productivity by taking advantage of location services that allow you to keep track of connected devices, letting you know where they are being used by simply accessing the STIHL app or STIHL Connect Pro Portal.

With its ability to analyze and transmit data from virtually any tool regardless of brand, STIHL connected offers excellent compatibility, making it a vital component not only for the latest STIHL equipment but for nearly any tool powered by a motor.

From maintenance scheduling to tool usage and location, STIHL connected is designed with the purpose of helping tool owners and business operators get the most out of their equipment and teams. Easy set up and affordable price point make STIHL connected accessible on all fronts.

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