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Coming Spring 2020

With the STIHL Smart Connector and STIHL connect pro portal, you can view the power tool data for your power tools and use that information to improve your daily work processes. Use STIHL connect for optimum scheduling and an even more efficient team.

STIHL Smart Connector

The Smart Connector is easy to install and transmits the most important power tool data via Bluetooth® to a smartphone or tablet.


Equipment insight and fleet management are easier than ever with the STIHL app. Keep track of machine usage, maintenance schedules, and more wherever you are.

STIHL Connect Pro Portal

Take on a new level of command with the STIHL connect pro portal. From observing when a tool was last used to establishing a maintenance schedule, STIHL connect pro portal not only gives you stronger management of your fleet but greater insight to your equipment.

The STIHL Smart Connector gives you real-time information about where your power tools are used and their current status.

STIHL connected enables you to easily analyze the data from all your power tools – meaning more successful scheduling.

The STIHL connect pro portal enables the digital management of your entire machine fleet. For example, you can add or remove power tools, schedule periods of work, and view pending maintenance appointments.

Ensuring that power tools are reliably ready to use saves time and costs, as well as strengthening your team and team spirit.

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