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Professional Trimmers

Professional Trimmers

What makes a trimmer professional grade? Here’s a hint, it isn’t a law degree. STIHL trimmers for professionals feature power, fuel-efficiency and lasting durability – and they’re specially designed for heavy-duty tasks – from controlled trimming jobs to extended mowing applications. They’re also versatile, accepting a wide range of cutting heads and attachments for all of your trimming needs. In short, our professional trimmers don’t mess around. To help you identify model features, look for these corresponding symbols: C = Comfort feature, E = Easy2Start™, R = loop handle, and X = lightweight version.

STIHL professional grass trimmers also boast an exceptional power-to-weight ratio, putting every last ounce of their well-balanced construction to work. When you’re out in the field all day, the last thing you want to carry around is dead weight. STIHL trimmers include innovative features like STIHL AutoCut® cutting heads and IntelliCarb™ compensating carburetors – each designed to streamline performance, as well as your workflow. Our professional trimmers and brushcutters are also built for comfort, featuring anti-vibration technology and various harnesses for comfortable operation and reduced operator fatigue. They’re the complete package for any landscaper.

Trimmers Frequently Asked Questions
  1. 11 months ago
    You get what you pay for.
    A good bit of power with the option adding attachments lilke a mini tiller or broom. I have the string trimmer/brushcutter combo. The only drawback I see with what I have is the chisel tooth blade for the brushcutter. It works well but dulls rather easily. A factory issued, easily available carbide blade would be perfect. Had but a minor problem with it being stubborn to start. Brought it back to the dealer. Took it away running like a top after 10 minutes and no charge either. Get quality ... read more premium fuel and oil for it and it won't let you down.
  2. 4 years ago
    Brush cutting machine
    I purchased this to primarily cut down over grown brush and small trees. This things chews up anything you put in front of it. I use the chisel blade and can cut through a 2" tree in seconds. The blade even works well in heavy thick grass. I sharpen it between tanks of gas and it just keeps cutting. This machine has so much power I am almost afraid of breaking something when I get to swinging it.
  3. 2 years ago
    Plenty of power, great ergonomics
    Bought the FS130 to trim the fence rows and ditches on my farm. The double strap harness distributes the weight across both shoulders and the plastic hip guard, where the trimmer hooks up to, keeps the clip and trimmer off your pants. I bought a Polycut trimmer head and the grass blade with it. The Polycut head with the string line makes cutting a breeze. For heavier grass and weeds, the grass blade cuts right through with little effort. I bought this trimmer based on the past experience I've ... read more had with Stihl products. I have a Stihl backpack blower and chainsaw that have given my years of trouble-free use.
  1. 3 years ago
    Great Weed eater
    I have always bought several other weed eaters over the past 30 years. Sure wish I would have bought this Stihl years ago. It has plenty of power and does a GREAT job. This is the first bicycle type handle bars and oh my so much easier. Only tried it because I had 7 days to trade it in for a different style if I didn't like it. Sure glad I asked lots of questions and listened to the sales rep. I did upgrade the harness which has a lot more padding and lower back support. Had no problems with the ... read more string that came with the weed eater and it fed great. Just don't let the string get too short. Sure worth the money.
  2. 4 years ago
    Great versatile tool for clearing brush and large property use
    Cleared brush and small trees around the house about 12,000+ square feet in one day using the circular blade with chainsaw teeth. Used about 3-4 tanks of fuel for the FS110, the same amount of tanks used by my 13 horse chipper that chips 3" diameter branches at 3 feet per second. My brother was cutting and stacking brush faster than I could chip. Very impressive that the trimmer could cut faster than the chipper could chip, would never thought that possible. Chipped the brush from 21 maple ... read more trees in less than 5 hours with the chipper one month earlier.
  3. 4 years ago
    My wife purchased this for Fathers Day
    My wife purchased the FS100 two years ago for a Fathers Day present. This is a very good machine. Cuts heavy high grass easily. Last year l left the tank full, I use non ethanol gas, over the winter. It started with two pulls. I did purchase the harness. I can cut all day with no back pain. My wife purchased it from our local dealer who knew exactly what I needed. She could have paid a few bucks less but having a local guy to fix it is worth it.
  1. 2 years ago
    starts first pull. ready to run immediately, no warm up required
    Purchased this a little over a month ago to replace a big box brand trimmer that I had purchased when we lived in town and have struggled with for over 10 years. this is so much more powerful and capable when cutting heavy grass and weeds around my acreage. starts on the first pull, is ready to cut immediately, what a joy to use quality equipment. I do wish that I had spent a little more and gotten the 90 with the solid shaft, in case I wanted to put a brush blade on. Oh well, I guess that's ... read more what my stihl chainsaw is for.
  2. 2 years ago
    Best trimmer I have ever used
    Bought this trimmer last month use it on all my jobs I always have a back up trimmer with never gets used since the Stihl is so reliable. the other day I was a a job with tall grass with was a tangled mess but despite that it went right through the grass and weeds ran the tank completely empty though which under light use never happens to me. Have used it to cut through light brush just using regular timer line. I use the ugly line trimmer lined I find it works the best. Me and my crew do and ... read more always will trust Stihl.
  3. 8 months ago
    Strong and Reliable!!!
    I bought my first Stihl trimmer almost 2 years ago and I don't regret it one bit. I purshased one of the cheaper model trimmers Fs 70r and its a lot better than anything that can be bought at lowes or home depot. It's easy start and never fails to get the job done. I just wish that I would have bought a Stihl trimmer before I blowed my money all those years on other brands.
  1. 4 months ago
    Yard and field, works great!
    I use this machine for the front lawn and to maintain 5 acres of woods and pasture along with about 600' of ditch line. Use as a string trimmer for the lawn and then combine the string trimmer and switching out to a brush blade for the field and ditch maintenance. Works like a champ. It starts easy each and every time, is relatively quiet for a gas trimmer and is very easy to operate. Very pleased.
  2. 6 months ago
    Excellent product.
    Just bought my first Stihl trimmer (FS 110R) today. What a beast. After killing 2 other trimmers in 5 years I opted to spend a little (okay a lot) more on a quality trimmer and do not regret this decision. Not only does this baby rip through 5' high weeds it also feathers down nicely to trim around the flower gardens. This is another prime example of getting what you pay for. If you can afford it, I highly recommend this trimmer. Starts after a half pull and has plenty of torque at both high and ... read more low speed. Noise level is acceptable and Stihl's take on a 4 stroke running on mixed gas is a pleasant surprise.
  3. 10 months ago
    The best trimmer you could ever purchase period.
    I have been the Proud owner of a stihl fs110r for 3 years now and I can honestly tell you that it is the most trouble free most reliable trimmer/brush cutter that I have ever owned. Starts first time I pull the starter rope. Eats vines weeds tall grass small saplings like they were nothing. And just like all of my stihl equipment Chris and all of the staff at 4x4 country in Hendersonville NC are just AWESOME!!! Thanks guys for such great people and products.
  1. 7 months ago
    one of the best trimmers
    I have had this trimmer for about 1 1/2 years now and it is one of the most dependable stihl products i own. Easy starting (1pull) plenty of power and will cut just about anything within reason.With one of the blades that are available their isn"t much you can"t cut .My only problem i had was the bump feed head that came with it.The line would weld up inside on me. I put an autocut head on and that seems to have eliminated that .I own numerous stihl products (chainsaws, hedger, blower) and this is my favorite.
  2. 3 months ago
    FS 90R
    This is my third FS 90R. They are great products. The first 1 I had I was using and slipped while cutting bank on canal. It was running and when I slipped I dropped it in canal. It was running when it went under water. I retrieved it. I took it straight to my truck. I emptied gas tank, removed air filter, removed spark plug. I took my blower and dried everything out. I put new fuel in it and replaced the air filter. After doing this it cranked up and I used it another 5 years with out any ... read more problems. I highly recommend this product. I personally would not use anything else.
  3. 5 months ago
    Powerful trimmer
    I own both an FS70R and FS90R. Both are fine machines. I cut a heavily wooded area with thick grass. The 70 is a good trimmer that will handle most tasks, but I needed something with a little more power. The 90 was the answer. The added torque and low noise are noticeable. It saves time cutting through thick grass. Spend the extra money and get the 90. You won't be disappointed.
  1. 9 months ago
    Great trimmer
    Sure, it's not as powerful as some of the other Stihl offerings, but it is very reliable and very easy to use. Great weight and balance compared to others in its class, and very good ergonomics. Only thing I would change is to make the guard a few inches wider, as I am a lefty and get some shrapnel on occasion if I'm not careful. Then again, almost every trimmer I've owned has presented similar problems.
  2. 2 years ago
    Great buy!
    Most of my trimming is around the house and I know that I didn't need to get a pro version Stihl. But,, for the price difference between a regular home unit and this pro unit,, I couldn't pass it up. I also will need it and have already used it once at the hunt camp. Lots of tall weeds all over,, and this trimmer just ate it up. Love the easy start and it starts after two pulls. So far its been great! I was also impressed how well and easy it fed line out.
  3. 3 years ago
    The features on this machine make using it easy.
    The FS 94 R has the variable throttle control which allows for operating it at lower rpm's around sensitive areas in your yard. It's ability to be operated at any angle is nice for edging and cutting at many angles. The exhaust routing is great, never feel the heat from it while operating no matter what angle I'm using it, which was always an issue with other products I've owned. Starting is a breeze, choke is automatically released once warmed up, when you give it a little throttle to start ... read more operating. The ability to utilize heavier line increases the versatility of the machine.
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