STIHL Trimmers and Brushcutters

STIHL trimmers and brushcutters are designed to put weeds and brush in their place with powerful performance and durable components. Featuring a wide range of cutting head options, many trimmers can take on a variety of tasks from light lawn trimming to heavy brush management. STIHL offers trimmers in both homeowner and professional models, powered by your choice of gas or battery, to fit the needs of any size job.

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Light and Maneuverable

Designed with operator comfort in mind

Precision Performance

Efficiently suited for use around the home

Easy to Operate

Intuitive and clear operation procedures

Eco Friendly Trimmer

Battery-powered trimmers have zero exhaust emissions

Ideal for Noise-Sensitive Areas

The virtually maintenance-free brushless motor also produces low noise

Easy to Start

Each STIHL battery trimmer features easy startup procedures

Professional Power

Built for performance for a full day's work

Flexibility and Maneuverability

Built with operator comfort in mind

Built for Durability

Made from commercial-grade components and efficiently powered by your choice of gas or battery

Trimmer Buying Guide

Choose from loop or bicycle handle, curved or straight shaft, battery or gas power and find the trimmer that's right for you.
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