Lawn Mowers

Whether you're mowing a tidy lot in a quiet community or an expansive piece of land with wide-open spaces, STIHL has a lawn mower that is right for you. Choose from lightweight and dependable push or self-propelled lawn mowers, or have iMow robotic mowers do the work for you. In addition, STIHL now offers gas- and battery-powered zero-turn mowers, featuring professional-grade engines and advanced suspension systems for operator comfort.

Gas- and battery-powered zero-turn lawn mowers are available now at select STIHL Dealers. Find yours now:
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STIHL remains on the cutting edge of lawn care innovation with a versatile range of lawn mowers built to meet your needs and get the job done. From the low noise, zero exhaust emission performance of our walk-behind mowers and iMOW® robotic mowers to the relentless cutting and power of our zero-turn mowers, STIHL offers a wide range of mowing solutions to meet the varied demands of homeowners and professionals.