STIHL Lawn Mowers

A beautiful landscape starts with lush and well-maintained grass. With a wide range of gas- and battery-powered models, STIHL mowers deliver exceptional precision, power, and clean cuts every time you mow. Whether you’re a homeowner with a suburban yard or a pro with lots of ground to cover, there’s a STIHL mower to help you pursue the perfect cut.




Push and Self-Propelled Models

With both push and walk-behind options, there's a STIHL mower to suit your preferred mowing style.

Efficient Cutting Performance

Whether you choose gas or battery, you can count on STIHL to deliver the precise and clean cuts you demand.

Multi-purpose Catcher Systems

Save time on cleanup by catching clippings or use the mulching insert to shred clippings down to size.

STIHL Zero-Turn Mowers

Homeowner Gas Models

Professional Gas Series

STIHL RZ 500 Series

Financing and Rebate Available! | With a choice of a 52" or 60" mowing deck and a Briggs & Stratton® or Kawasaki engine, the STIHL RZ 500 Series of zero-turn mowers are ideal on the farm and ranch or for commercial use.

STIHL RZ 500 Series

STIHL RZ 700 Series

Financing and Rebate Available! | The STIHL RZ 700 Series of zero-turn mowers offers 52" or 60" mowing deck sizes with three engine options, allowing pros plenty of options to customize their mowing experience.

STIHL RZ 700 Series

STIHL RZ 900 Series

Financing and Rebate Available! | The STIHL RZ 900 Series represents our top-of-the-line professional zero-turn mowers, offering 60” or 72” mowing deck sizes and three distinct engine options for a customized landscaping experience.

STIHL RZ 900 Series

Limited stock available at select STIHL Dealers.

Professional Battery-Powered Zero-Turn Models


Get a comfortable ride and round out the rest of your STIHL tool lineup with this budget-friendly offer. Get 0% for 60 months financing and instant rebates on select STIHL professional zero-turn mowers and get 0% for 48 months financing and instant rebates on select STIHL homeowner zero-turn mowers. Plus, all STIHL products on the same purchase—including trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, and more—are included in the financing solution for well-qualified buyers.

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Comfort Features

Industry-Leading Suspension System

The professional series of STIHL zero-turn mowers feature independent front and rear suspension systems and a premium suspension seat for an incredibly smooth ride.

Packed with Features

Upgrade how you mow with features like easy-to-adjust cutting height, a range of deck sizes, USB charging ports, cup holders, and much more.

MARBAIN® Hardened Blades

Forged from an exclusive, patented heat-treating process, blades are engineered to give optimal cut quality from a blade built for performance and durability.

Schedule Mows In Advance

Keep your lawn in excellent shape by programming a consistent mowing schedule for your iMOW®.

Easy To Manage

Create your mowing plan, schedule mows, and monitor performance all from an easy-to-use app.

Ideal For Noise-Restricted Areas

Mow early or late without disturbing your neighbors with the low noise of STIHL battery.

Tips and Tricks