Forestry Tools

Whether you’re a forestry professional or managing your own property, the right forestry tools are essential for regular maintenance. STIHL forestry hand tools are made from professional-grade components with durable engineering to help you take on a wide range of work. View our line of splitting axes, hookaroons, log stands, and more.

Forestry Tool Types

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Logs don’t move themselves. It takes strength, agility, intelligence and well-crafted tools. STIHL forestry tools are made with the professional logger in mind and specially designed to lift, rotate, and transport those very large chunks of tree. Whether you’re at the mill, on the lot, or deep in the woods, our forestry tools give you the leverage you need to help make the work easier.

Our forestry tools include essentials like axes, cant hooks, peaveys, log carriers, hookaroons, and a log stand.