Concrete Cutters

Cut through concrete, brick, and ductile iron with the high-powered, high-performing concrete cutters from STIHL. Featuring lightweight construction and maneuverability, each STIHL Rock Boss® concrete cutter machine is engineered to do the job while optimizing user comfort. Customize your machine with a variety of guide bars and chains, including the diamond chainsaw chain. The diamond segments help reduce vibration and improve overall cutting speed.

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Building on our reputation for creating innovative construction equipment, STIHL concrete cutters pack the power needed to cut deep into tough jobsite materials like concrete, cinder blocks, and masonry. STIHL concrete cutters are compact, lightweight, and built with maneuverability in mind, giving them the versatility that makes them ideal for a wide variety of construction and renovation projects. Designed for deep cutting and square corners, our concrete cutters deliver the enhanced performance to handle your toughest jobs.