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High-quality saw chains ready to work

When you demand a lot from your chainsaw, having the right saw chain can make a big difference. STIHL saw chains are individually designed for all types of woodcutting and for most makes of chainsaw. Every saw chain manufactured by STIHL incorporates our exclusive, patented OILOMATIC® lubricating feature. And every component is engineered to work together to maximize the use of bar oil.

STIHL OILOMATIC® saw chains feature specially engineered grooves designed to channel oil to critical wear areas. This superior lubrication feature helps extend the chain’s life and reduce the tendency for stretching. Our saw chains are also pre-stretched before leaving the factory, eliminating excessive stretching during the break-in period.

All STIHL saw chains have the same quality engineering and innovative technology that have made our chainsaws famous. We even care about the details others might miss – like smoothing out the microscopic rough edges from the stamping process to reduce premature and improper wear. If it says STIHL, it’s made to last.

STIHL recommends using low-kickback, green-labeled chain and green-labeled reduced-kickback bars on all powerheads.

This colored link indicates that the product has increased risk of kickback injury and is for use only by persons with extraordinary cutting needs and experience and specialized training for dealing with kickback.

Low kickback chain
This colored link indicates that the chain is a low kickback chain. STIHL recommends the use of a green-labeled low-kickback chain.

Unsure which type of saw chain you need? Download our Saw Chain Selection & Identification Chart for easy reference when replacing your STIHL saw chain.
  1. 4 years ago
    The Best Pro Saw Chain available.
    I've used most Saw Chain . Out the box super Sharpe you could probley shave with it . Cut 2 Truck loads of moss covers Loctus Logs so far and a light dig in the dirt. Still razor sharp . No touch up needed at this time. Respect this chain . At high RPM it can have a wickad kick back. But what got was getting complacent . While carrying the saw I raked my arm across it . It told me how sharp it was quick. It cuts Hardwood like butter. You don't have to mussle this chain with then spike . If you ... read more have to it's dull so stop and sharpen it or change to a spare. At the right dealer this Saw Chain is very affordable.
  2. 6 years ago
    Many moons ago, I bought a MS034. It is a 3.45 cu in saw. The dealer sold me an RM chain. Dealer said that there really wasn't my difference between the RM and the RS. I always cursed the saw as it barely cut. I had and old mac610 that out cut the Stihl saw. Eventually, I wore out the chain and brought an RS chain replacement. What a world of difference. You have to respect the dangerous nature of what you are working with. I always wear my chaps, eye and ear protection, and love my Stihl saws, ... read more with the proper chains. I also always machine sharpen my chains.
  3. 2 years ago
    BEST Choice for Multi-Purpose Use!
    I've used this chain for years & came back to it when I recently purchased an MS-362 C-M with a 20" Rollomatic ES Light bar. I would call it my preferred choice when trimming limbs on large trees, cutting lengths of firewood, or in other applications where RSF (skip-tooth) is not desirable. Let your teenager cut his teeth with this prior to packing him out with RSF chain! I may resort back to this chain on my MS-661 R-CM with a 32" Rollomatic ES Light bar when Mother Nature says my aging ... read more frame has had enough! This chain is the easiest to dress & maintain.
  1. 2 years ago
    Long Lasting Performance - RS Chain
    I bought a 20” Rollomatic and 2 RS Chains to break in a new MS661 R C-M Saw to keep the mileage off my RSK chain, and give the Saw some drag to load the motor for break in. I’m actually pretty impressed with how smoothe the chain cuts and it’s pretty quick for a safety chain. I’m cutting soft pine but It’s still razor sharp 2 tanks into the break in. The 2nd chain has not even come out of the box!!! It’s not as cheap as the “O” brand chain but I’m sold on it. I’d buy another one to keep around ... read more just for the small stuff.
  2. 3 months ago
    Sharp, durable, easy to sharpen, buy this chain!!
    This is the chain that came with the MS-362 I recently purchased. Bought 2 extra of these chains and I rotate after each day of bucking. Several brief digs in the dirt, moss on the logs, wet leaves, etc when bucking and this chain has still lasted me throughout the day without swapping for another. They're heavier weight and have a lot more aggressive teeth than the Rapid Micro which was on my MS-291, I would definitely recommend the Rapid Super. This is a safety chain and there is a very ... read more minimal "kickback zone" at the front of the chain on the top side and even when I was experimenting with that to see what it did, wasn't bad at all. As far as bucking goes, this chain has never caused the saw to kick back but it's done one heck of a job chewing effortlessly through whatever I've wanted to cut (all hardwood). Make sure to purchase an electric bench mount sharpener if you do a decent amount of cutting, in my opinion a chain needs to be sharpened after every days worth of work. If just using around the house, sharpness should last a long time between sharpens.
  3. 6 years ago
    Works well, even for plunge cuts
    This the chain that came with my saw. I could have swapped it out for a non-safety chain but after having a couple friends of mine take chunks out of their nose from kickback I decided I would take the safety chain. The big thing I keep hearing is that you cannot plunge cut with a safety chain. This is a myth. Most of the wood I harvest is from windblown trees and I have to do plunge cuts to safely dropped them. I have done a number of plunge cuts without a problem. Keep it sharp and it will eat ... read more through wood like a hot knife through butter.
  1. 5 years ago
    Fast cutting chain
    I love this saw chain :) it cuts approximately 25% faster than round ground or chisel chain.
  2. 4 months ago
    Need a Double bevel flat file to sharpen this chai
    The profile is not round like a standard chain, its square. Use a double bevel chainsaw file. Look up you tube, there a few men way wiser than me showing impressive cutting rates. Beware dirty wood, as a sharp saw dulls easy.
  1. 6 years ago
    The chain cuts good
    I use it to cut dead oak trees it cuts the trunk by the ground faster then the other chains and cuts through the oak like a knife through butter. One chain usually dulls after cutting an oak into firewood but this stays sharp longer
  2. 7 years ago
    stihl full skip tooth chain
    These are the best chain,s that I have,s very fast and don,t bog down in a cut I would highly recommend this chain
  3. 6 years ago
    chain is awesome
    The best chain I have ever used. it is very fast and lasts a long time between sharpening. Very good for the money but why do I have to tell you St IHL products sell themselves the best there is. Thanks St IHL for the great products.
  1. 2 years ago
    Like a Ginsu knife for your Pole Pruner
    I bought a pole pruner with this chain for trimming up the palm trees in Miami but now I’m using it for trimming all kinds of trees on our property in North Carolina. The chain is still razor sharp after 2 years of “homeowner use”. I use Stihl Platinum Bar Oil in the machine and with the use and storage it still looks new. The chain cut well in the stringy palm wood without clogging up as well as the “normal” fiber outs woods of the north east. This is a well built pro grade product that ... read more performs well in all the conditions I’ve expected it to be used. I would recommend it to anybody looking for a long lasting, easy cutting chain for a pole saw or smaller chainsaw. It also has the advantage of being a low kickback design for added safety with the saws. The chain has exceeded my expectations thus far and continues to perform every time I reach for it.
  2. 2 years ago
    Great little chain
    Great for cleaning up around the home occasional use.
  3. 2 years ago
    Great little chain
    Great chain. Running on my Kombi pole pruner without any issues. Stays sharp and is easily returned to like new with a few minutes of filing. Eats through tough limbs.
  1. 3 years ago
    Great Product !!!!!
    I don't know why there where poor reviews for this chain? This chain is the only one to buy , if you use your saw to work with. We cut 8 inch treated pilings (devil poles) and it goes right thru them. Regular chain cuts about three poles and is done. Old dirty wooden bulkhead, nails never misses a beat . its worth every penny.
  2. 4 years ago
    Awesome Chain, Long Lasting
    I used my first carbide blade staring 3 years ago. After cutting about 10 cords of wood and falling many trees, it finally started to show wear. During this entire time I never sharpened the blade. Without hesitation I purchased another blade waiting for my first to be sharpened and the second one was just as good as the first. The wood I was cutting was a combination of hard and soft wood - dried (felled) oak, walnut, cotton wood, ash, etc. This blade chewed through big logs easily. For me, ... read more this is the only chain I will use going forward. I had none of the other issues some of the other reviews noted such as breakage. I try to keep the blade out of dirt and grime and so far the results are awesome.
  3. 3 years ago
    To everyone, please understand this product. The carbide tipped are soldered on to the steel chain. The solder becomes brittle at low temperatures. Problems can be averted by simply warming the saw and chain up prior to use and keeping it at the proper operating temperature. As to the subject of hitting nails and hard objects, it goes without saying that only the products listed in the "rescue products" sections are rated for that kind of abuse. The tips on those are actually welded and not ... read more soldered. Just remember the old saying of "the weakest link".
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