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Farm & Ranch Saws

Hardworking chainsaws designed for dependable performance

Some chainsaws have to work for a living. Whether on a farm. Or out on the ranch. No matter where there’s work to be done, the proven dependability of a STIHL is on the job. STIHL offers a variety of high-performance chainsaws that are engineered for service, day in and day out. The chainsaws in the “Farm & Ranch” category are ideal for a variety of uses. One thing you can be sure of – they have what it takes to get the job done. To help you identify model features, look for these corresponding symbols: C = Comfort feature, B = Quick Chain Adjuster, E = Easy2Start™, and Q = an additional chain braking system.

For a side-by-side comparison of all STIHL chainsaws, download our Chainsaw Comparison Chart.

Chainsaw Frequently Asked Questions

The actual listed guide bar length can vary from the effective cutting length based on which power head it is installed on.

  1. 6 months ago
    Like a hot knife through butter
    A few of my friends have a Stihl. And they love them. I went the cheap route and got what I paid for. It was great for 2 years then it turned to a pile. I said. I've had it with that (specific brand) and I'm getting something that will last almost forever . So I bought the farm boss ms-271. We have a lot of hard woods on our property and I was impressed how fast it cut through Oak at least twice as fast as the 50cc I had prior. The name stands on its own. That's all you need.
  2. 4 months ago
    Fantastic saw for average use
    Has been finicky at first but is getting better every time I use it. Quite a difference between cold/hot idle so took a while to get adjusted. I use it mostly for firewood and it seems to do great on soft wood or even hard wood under ~16", but keeping chain sharp and not being aggressive is a must for larger cuts. Overall I'm happy with the purchase, but still think I would like a bigger saw, as I don't believe this saw would handle (power) a bar larger than 20".
  3. 3 months ago
    A Great Saw for Everyday Use
    I've had this saw for about a month now and have had no problems. Cuts through dry walnut better than any saw I've ever had. Starts right up, runs, and idles well. I've been using it to cut larger brush and fallen trees around my 10 acres and have had no issues with continuous use. Power to weight is perfect for my use.
  1. 1 month ago
    Great saw.
    I have had my saw about 12 years. I loved its easy to start, well running engine and the absorption dampening. Over the last 5 or so years I started purchasing "parts" 440 saws off of ebay and rebuilding them. None of my rebuilt saws run as superior as this 391. I had a three day yard clearing project and this saw still exceeds my expectations. Even after 12 years this started effortlessly and wound run all day.
  2. 5 months ago
    Well thought out design.
    This saw has many little features that make it very user friendly and easy to maintain. From the single control lever for starting and running, to the laser etched reference guides on the chain, and the air bypass for preheated air for cold operating temperatures. I have blocked 20+ cords of pine with this saw so far and I have had no issues to date.
  3. 4 months ago
    ms391 i'm i love with this saw
    i love this saw from the beginning. I have always owned cheap saws until now. it has to be started with a routine, but that's ok. it starts for me every time. it pulls like heck though oak and hickory on my 11 acres. this is the most amazing saw for me. reliable powerful fast cutting easy starting for me.
  1. 3 weeks ago
    Great saw
    I have owned many mid size saws and this is one of the best. I even like it better then My 026 pro for firewood. The saw is a great firewood saw. Its weight to power ratio is great. It starts easy and runs a long time on a tank of fuel. I'm using a 18" bar with stihl 26RM3 74 link. Im not wild on the plastic handle but it does work. I would recommend this saw for anyone who has a wood lot and cuts firewood for themselves.
  2. 2 weeks ago
    Does what it's suppose to with no fuss
    Bought this saw for felling trees for fire wood and clearing fallen trees and branches for other property owners. Easy to start even in -0 degree weather, very reliable and get longer run time on a take of gas. The thing I noticed right away was how smooth this chainsaw runs, very low vibration which was important to me because I just had elbow surgery, I can run the saw for several hours at a time and the weight is good and feels balanced.
  3. 2 months ago
    Powerful, but hard to start.
    This is my third Stihl chain saw. It is very powerful, but difficult to start. The compression is very high, making it difficult to pull the starter cord. I have had to take it back to the dealer more than once to get him to start it. I have learned a process that works better, pulling the starter a few times without choke before applying the choke. Otherwise, it can flood. Also, when R.I.P. cutting logs, the shavings build up in the housing and block the oil flow to the chain. I have to apply ... read more grease directly to the chain to keep it from freezing up on me.
  1. 1 year ago
    Excellent product!!!
    We purchased the MS-311 after talking to our local dealer. Given the sze of our property he recommended the larger MS-311. We previously borrowed another brand from a friend and it had difficulty starting at our house which is at 7300'. I told the dealer where we located and they adjusted the engine to the higher altitude, 1800' above the dealership. They even offered to come up to the house if there were problems. We have about 30 hours on it now and it is wonderful. It starts everytime with ... read more 3-4 pulls when cold and 1-2 when warm. We have since purchased a Stihl weedeater/brushcutter and blower. All great products and well worth the money.
  2. 2 years ago
    Stihl Going Strong!!
    I purchased my MS310 (now 311) ten years ago to cut my own firewood for heat. She has been dropped & pinched numerous times and still runs great. The only issue I had was a cracked fuel line due to ethanol gas. I primarily run a 20" 3/8-.050 bar & chain, but I have run a 25" combo on several occasions. Once the tree is down, I often use this same saw to limb it. It has great power and is still fairly light. If you want to buy ONE saw that does it all, then the MS311 is a great choice, in my opinion.
  3. 1 month ago
    Product is as strong as its name
    I just used this saw i bought a year ago. One blade and three tank refills filled my 18' trailer 3' high. So happy with my purchase I'm looking at buying another. For the size of the saw it was well balance which made cutting wood extremely easy.
  1. 2 years ago
    A really great saw for it's size
    Don't be swayed by bad reviews. This is a great saw. I got mine with a 14" blade and it cuts like butter when sharp. Starting is easy whether cold or hot. If you let it do it's job it cuts great. I've cut 16" pine so far and it's power is just fine. Looking forward to testing it on oak. You can't go wrong with a Stihl! Light and easy to handle with very low vibration.
  2. 1 year ago
    Nice, lightweight prosumer saw
    Good saw. Starts right up and cuts with more than adequate power. Keep in mind the class of saw we are talking about here with respect to power. I never expected this thing to chew through stuff like my vintage 028 Wood Boss. I bought it because my wife felt intimidated using the WB with 20" bar. You need to make sure that chain speed is kept up and not try and ask the saw to do more than it can. However, you can one-hand this saw easily and make quick work of most stuff around the property.
  3. 1 week ago
    Light weight, easy all day handling
    Bought this saw for my wife to use based on it's weight. I have used it on multiple occasions to cut down/trim up to ~12 inch diameter trees and logs. I utilize the ethanol free premix fuel. Saw fires right up hot or cold and it is easy to handle. Runs out of fuel at a perfect 'take a break' point for me. All in all, a great little chain saw.
  1. 6 months ago
    Never fails, no trouble starting and running for extended periods of time.
    Best saw on the market "Bar" none. Years ago after making a major purchase of several saws and brush cutters Stihl came to our workplace, FOC, and provided a safety and cutting demonstration. We all thought we knew everything there was to know. How wrong were we. The info they provided we still use every time we use one of their products. Stihl's safety PPE is above standard as well. Helmets, chaps, cutting pants and shirts are a must for our operators and have in fact saved staff from serious ... read more injury. I cant say enough good things about your products.
  2. 3 years ago
    Sweet saw for pruning trees.
    I own 3 other Stihl chainsaws. They all serve a purpose, but I really wanted a lightweight saw running a thin kerf chain for fine pruning, especially on fruit trees. I have owned a couple of orchards, and found they made much finer pruning cuts than any other chainsaws. This saw fits the bill perfectly! The cuts are very smooth and even, they look as good as if they were done with a hand saw. The saw is exceptionally light and well balanced. The motor has sufficient power for the fine cuts I ... read more make, but I thought it would run with a few more RPM's. (I am going to have the dealer double check the settings after I have some more hours on the saw). While I love the saw and highly recommend it, I do think it is over priced.
  3. 4 years ago
    Perfect for clearing brush
    I was tired of holding and maneuvering a 18" chain saw in thick brush for hours at a time. This saw looks like a toy but works like a pro. It cuts right through 3" diameter Yaupon Holly in seconds. I love how easy it is to remove the oil and gas caps.Only complaint is that it wont engage the chain if anything (even a small stick) is touching it. A safety feature???
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