Chainsaw Carrying Case

The best way to transport most STIHL chainsaws.

With its sleek and modern design, the STIHL chainsaw carrying case is an ideal way to store or transport your STIHL chainsaw when the job is done. The durable hinges provide added security, and two tie down points help to prevent against sliding during transport. The case is manufactured from high density polyethylene with double wall construction. This design reduces weight while providing excellent durability and can easily be cleaned of dirt and oil. Additionally, the STIHL chainsaw carrying case is designed for use with the scabbard provided with the saw. With availability in two different sizes, users have an option for most STIHL chainsaws. The medium case accommodates models MS 170–MS 500i, and the large case accommodates models MS 661 C-M–MS 880 (R wrap handle versions are excluded from both cases).
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