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Legendary performance that's known all over the world

STIHL chainsaws are German-engineered and built in America.* We also go a step further and custom manufacture our own guide bars and saw chains for all our machines in-house. This ensures our chainsaws meet our standards in design and performance - standards that have made STIHL the clear choice for professionals and homeowners, making STIHL the #1 selling brand of chainsaws worldwide.

Chainsaw Frequently Asked Questions

Note: STIHL recommends use of fuel with no more than 10% ethanol content. Using fuel with greater than 10% ethanol content may cause damage to your equipment and may void your STIHL warranty. Learn More…

*A majority of STIHL gasoline-powered units sold in the United States are built in the United States from domestic and foreign parts and components.

  1. 2 years ago
    Fantastic saw, very easy to start, great power, easy to handle.
    Just bought my 251 C-BE from Walla Walla Saw and Knife today. They walked me through the safety features of the saw and then went through the starting procedure very thoroughly. Got the saw home, fired up on the 2nd pull (first prime the carb, then 1 pull with full choke, then 1 pull on the start position). I have past shoulder injuries and pulling the start on this saw could not be easier. Pull about 1/4 of the way out and the inertia does the rest. This feature is so worth the slight amount of ... read more extra money! I let the saw warm up per the owners manual and went to work. This saw has LOTS of power. If you need more power than this, you are probably a pro logger. Very high build quality. Chain has not stretched yet and is still sharp. I really cannot say enough positive about this high-tech and beautiful saw. If you are thinking about an easy to start and handle saw at a very reasonable price, you won't go wrong purchasing this saw. I fully expect that this is the last chain saw I will ever have to buy. Thank you, Stihl, for such a quality product!
  2. 3 years ago
    Great saw!
    This is saw is great! I own 200 acres of woods and own a couple of Stihl professional series saws. I was looking for a smaller light weight saw that was easier to use for smaller tasks and this saw more than does that. I've used it to fell small trees creating food plots and clearing spots for tree stands and now find myself using this saw over my pro series saws to cut logs for firewood. This saw has plenty of power and I love the easy start and chain adjustor. This saw is a must have!
  3. 3 years ago
    Great product for the price
    Purchased the Stihl MS251 Woodsman Easy Start chain saw and it has worked great. Easy to start, comfortable to operator, and has plenty of power. I have owned several competitors saws and after using their products several times I had to return to the repair shops. The Stihl saw has surpassed any saw I have owned. I use the recommended octane fuel, additivies, and high end chain saw oil. So far this saw has exceeded my expectations!!!
  1. 5 years ago
    The chain cuts good
    I use it to cut dead oak trees it cuts the trunk by the ground faster then the other chains and cuts through the oak like a knife through butter. One chain usually dulls after cutting an oak into firewood but this stays sharp longer
  2. 7 years ago
    stihl full skip tooth chain
    These are the best chain,s that I have,s very fast and don,t bog down in a cut I would highly recommend this chain
  3. 6 years ago
    chain is awesome
    The best chain I have ever used. it is very fast and lasts a long time between sharpening. Very good for the money but why do I have to tell you St IHL products sell themselves the best there is. Thanks St IHL for the great products.
  1. 2 months ago
    Stronger than gas
    I can’t believe the amount of power in these little saws. Much more simply made than the gas versions we all love. I have built an entire coped log home with one of these without any problem. No matter how hard I uses these they never seem to die. Most useful is indoor work I usually don’t put oil in it as to not make a mess. No gas burning and the same power inside doing log/ hand hewn beam work. Amazing!!!!! Anyone that says these saws are not good are nuts! I have owned three of them ... read more all different sizes and I have put hundreds of hours on them and they are indestructible. If you have a plug-in socket near by these are great. Otherwise outdoors I’m still a gas saw man.
  2. 3 years ago
    Easy to use and does the job.
    It's light, and works great! It's pretty easy to use, and I was able to slice up a large fallen tree branch into 40 lb chunks to haul away without much problem. I wanted an electric chainsaw so that I wouldn't have to bother with stale gasoline or any other maintenance (besides cleaning and lubricating). The serviceable parts open up pretty easily, and replacing the chain is no problem at all. It's got a few safety features that will automatically cut power before the saw becomes a ... read more hazard. When I first bought it, I didn't understand what the spikes on the front of the saw were for, but I figured it out after using it for a while. I bought the shorter model since it was cheaper, and although it was barely longer than the thickness of the branch I was working on, it was perfectly adequate. I cannot really talk about reliability since I've only had it for a short while, and only used it once (for a few hours), but it worked without any problems for all of that time.
  3. 3 years ago
    I have used it about 3 or 4 times and it cuts like butter. Expensive, but for me it was worth it because I am very tired of gas/oil, etc... I hope it lasts for the rest of my days as often as I use it.
  1. 5 years ago
    great chain for intended purpose
    I use this chain on my ms180c and it works great for limbing and small jobs. I'm comfortable using it to knock down 10"ish diamater trees anything bigger I use my ms290 with a rs cnain. Those two in a combo with those chains can handle just about anyhing my farm can throw at it.
  2. 2 years ago
    PM Chain Upgrade for the MS170 - I’m happy again!
    I purchased an MS170 on the STIHL Dealer Days Sale and gave it a run cutting into some small brush in the yard and burning it. The chain that came on it was the PMM chain and the drive links were getting battered so badly by the sprocket that they would not fit in the bar grove due to deformation of the drive link. This caused the chain to throw off the bar and required it to be filed to width again. This happened a few times and I decided to upgrade the chain and bar. The chain I installed was ... read more a PM 63PM-55 and it’s awesome!! Much better kerf size! Much much stronger!! Much better time between sharpening! Much better all around really.. I don’t burry the bar in wood, for me it’s only for cutting small stuff so it perfect in that role, anything bigger and I reach for the MS661... I highly advise upgrading to a .050 Bar groove and dump that anemic .043 groove PMM chain for the .050 groove bar and the PM or PM3/PS3 chains. Made the world of difference in my equipment, but it’s going to take more of the limited power available to pull it through wood so it will bog down if ya get deep with it, but as mentioned, if ya keep it to the basic small jobs ithe MS170 is designed for, then this chain is the perfect upgrade for the smaller saws!
  3. 5 years ago
    fast cutting
    I use a ms160 chainsaw for cutting branches and with the micro picco chain it cuts faster than my ms290 chainsaw
  1. 2 years ago
    20” Rollomatic on MS661 Pro Saw
    So in the description it lists this bar for small to medium machines. I’m running it on the 2nd to the biggest saw STIHL makes with no issues. I bought a 20” Rollomatic E Standard in order to spare the miles on my ES Light and RSK chains for break in and for dirty cutting and clean up to keep the cost down and more availability. I’m very impressed with the bar especially for the cost! I’ve cut all day breaking in the 91cc saw and not even the paint is smudged! I’m running Stihl Platinum Bar ... read more and Chain Lubricant through it and it still looks new!! Looks like this one is a winner. It is heavier then the Light Weight ES bar but the cost is much lower as well. Great Value for the money!
  2. 6 years ago
    Never have heard a complaint from anyone.
    Stihl® bars are built to handle all the abuse you can give them. Quality of materials is top notch. Never see premature wear on them.
  3. 3 years ago
    Thumbs up
    Good bar. No real complaints about it especially for a it comes with the saw bar. I will be upgrading to ES bar eventually though because why not get the upgrade
  1. 3 years ago
    Best chainsaw I've ever used
    I'm not currently a pro logger, although I have done freelance hardwood logging (red oak, cherry, black walnut) in the past. This is the fifth chainsaw I've owned. It is vastly superior to any other I have used. Saw no. 3 died a few years ago and I got a yellow "Pro" new one from an orange big box store. That "Pro" saw could barely cut a 6" pine, much less an 18" oak. Very poor throttle response. After having 40 acres of pine logged last year, that saw proved incapable of the work needed to ... read more clean up behind the loggers. The MS 291 cost about 3 times as much, but is able to get the work done, probably 5 times faster than the "competitive" saw. My city-living son-in-law gets the yellow saw...
  2. 2 years ago
    All the power you will need !!!
    I have a small farm in NY and burn approximately 25 to 30 face cords a year. I bought a ms 291 chain saw and just could not believe the power of this saw. my old STIHL 026 couldn't come close to the power of this ms 291. I highly recommend this saw to anyone who burns wood or has a small to mid size farm. I know this saw will make life a little easier as it has for me in the year I have owned it.
  3. 3 years ago
    This is our go to saw
    This is our second MS-291.The original is 5 years old and has been our go to saw. We needed another saw and the choice was obvious. One stays at the farm and another in the garage. Living in the woods having a dependable saw is not a luxury it is a necessity. We trust our Stihl whether it`s saving us from a blown down tree ,a rotten log or to cut a monster oak off of our mother in laws roof. Firewood cutting is just another task this saw excels at.
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