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Powerful clearing performance for almost any sized lot

Your landscape, your rules. Keep leaves, clippings and other yard debris under control with STIHL handheld blowers, backpack blowers, or shredder vacs. From homeowners to professional landscapers, STIHL is the name to trust for hardworking equipment that lasts, season after season. Each model is designed for efficiency, ease of use and exceptional power. Whether you maintain a small urban lot or acres of land, there’s a STIHL handheld or backpack blower ready to exceed your expectations.

While in blower mode, STIHL shredder vacs produce exceptional blower performance, along with reduced exhaust emissions and a great selection of features. When in shredder mode, they offer great suction and a specially designed blade for cutting leaves. They offer great value in a portable package.

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Blowers Frequently Asked Questions

Note: STIHL recommends use of fuel with no more than 10% ethanol content. Using fuel with greater than 10% ethanol content may cause damage to your equipment and may void your STIHL warranty. Learn More…

  1. 11 months ago
    Good Blower
    I like that the suction side is positioned for right hand users. I knocked off a star however, because I miss a feature of my old Craftsman blower...a "cruise control" lever that keeps the blower at full speed without holding down the throttle. Seem like a small thing, but after a while it really helps. I hope the company sees this and adds it to the blower.
  2. 1 year ago
    A time saver in two on!
    I expected to leave the store with a backpack type blower to do the job in a timely manner but after a brief explanation it was clear this was the right one. It goes beyond what I'd hoped for. From now on I will save time by looking at the Stihl stuff first!
  3. 1 year ago
    great blower
    whoever says this blower isn't powerful must be trying to blow down the tree before the leafs fall!!!!!!! makes quick work of any task. starts very easy and is quieter than most other products. I also like that the intake is on the outside when operating right handed, your loose jacket doesn't get sucked in. I own other STIHL products and I'm more than happy with this one too!!!!
  1. 6 years ago
    Good backpack blower
    Bought this stihl br200 backpack blower to replace old handheld blower ( not a stihl). The stihl br 200 cranks very easily every time. It is light weight and comfortable to use. It is lacking in power a bit , however , it is plenty powerful to do the work around our property. Overall a very good backpack blower for the money. I have had this blower for a few months now and I have no regrets.
  2. 6 years ago
    This blower is the best
    Being a female senior citizen with a mended broken shoulder, I was looking for a backpack gasoline powered blower that was lightweight, yet would blow leaves dry or wet. This blower is PERFECT, does the job with ease and lots of power. I am only limited by my imagination as to how much work I want to do. Thank you Stihl for making a product that is compact, lightweight and yet has the power to complete all of my leaf blowing duties.
  3. 7 years ago
    Great backpack blower!
    I bought this at my local Stihl dealer and used it as soon I got home. I was immediately impressed with the performance of this blower. It was easy to start, comfortable to wear and simple to operate. Plus it looks pretty cool too! I have used it several times since on my medium to small size yard and have not had to refuel yet. This blower puts to shame the electric blower that l had before. The handheld blower I had before put a lot of strain on my arm during long sessions and big clean ups. ... read more With the backpack blower, it takes that strain off your arm and spreads it out comfortably across your back with little to no vibration. Money well spent.
  1. 3 years ago
    Awesome if your on the fence come on over!!!
    I am not a pro I am a homeowner with an average size yard which is in the middle of my farm. I have about a 300 foot concrete circle driveway and 1500 sq yards of lawn. Me and the bank own a timber farm. I have many other Stihl products which are all outstanding. I decided to upgrade my big box store blower to a back pack blower because it kept sucking my pants to the air intake when I would use my right hand. It also made more noise than air flow. When I went to the Stihl store my intention was ... read more to buy one of the smaller backpack blowers as they would work for my needs. When I compared the engine size and weight to all the other blowers at the store I decided to spend the extra 200$ and go with this HOSS. I am very glad I did. I only use ethanol free gas and Sthil oil and it only takes one pull to get this beast running and cuts my blower time by at least 50% maybe more. Do I need a 500$ blower nope. I am so glad I have one and if it last like my other Stihl products I don't see me ever buying another blower. It is quiet for a blower, and moves piles of leaves and pine straw with little effort if you want to buy your last blower get one of these!!!
  2. 3 years ago
    Powerful, comfortable leaf mover
    This new BR 700 has changed the way I look at leaves. My 15 year old BR 400 has performed amazingly well, but with three acres of open ground surrounded massive sycamore and large oak trees, I have come to dread leaf season. The BR 700 is simply a leaf bull dozer. I'd decided that I needed a larger capacity blower, but I never imagined that huge amounts of leaves could be moved this quickly and easily. I used to blow them in piles and mulch them. Now I just blow them into the woods. The BR700 is ... read more comfortable, the additional weight isn't a problem, and the adjustable throttle grip is great. It has cut the time I spend on leaf control at least in half. This is a serious machine. If you have LOTS of leaves to move, this is the blower.
  3. 3 years ago
    Best blower in the world!
    This blower is the best ive ever had in my career! I don't know why people are giving it negative reviews. It has the same engine as the 600 and I had a 600 for about 6 years and serviced it myself (im also a small engine machanic). It needed very little servicing in its lifespan, and I expect the same to be true for new 700! No valve problems foreseeable. Best power much better then any other backpack blower ive ever owned in every aspect. Love this blower, best investment ive ever made!
  1. 1 year ago
    I bought the BR 800C months before it even came out!
    After a long wait to get the BR800C from my STIHL Dealer, I am nothing short of being BLOWN AWAY IMPRESSED! This Blower has EVERYTHING a person could want in a Back-Pack Blower. I have used my blower on over three inches of snow on the driveway, and it blows every bit of snow away! Just simply AMAZING what the BR800C can do. If you are looking for a powerful, easy to start Back-Pack Blower, this is the one you want! The side start feature is remarkable and makes this blower just another ... read more OUTSTANDING product from STIHL!
  2. 6 months ago
    BR 800 C-E THE BEST!
    This thing is great. I wanted the telescoping wand so I went with the 800 CE instead of the 800 X and come to find this also has the side pull start. It uses very little tension to pull then it kinda recoils on itself to start the engine. Once its warmed up the side start works flawless. I have a very long driveway with leaves and acorns and sticks. The 800 CE moves it all. I haven't even opened it up fully on a leaf covered lawn yet cause I am still breaking it in. Along with the ... read more telescoping wand and side pull start it also has shoulder straps and hip buckle and chest buckle to keep it in place on your back. As a home owner I wanted to buy only one blower, with reputation, that can do it all and save me time.
  3. 11 months ago
    Leaf Boss
    I have owned several different leaf blowers but they could not hold up to the amount of leaves I have to tend to with my yard. I saw the BR 800 with the high wind speeds and figured I would give it a shot, since I live is a heavily wooded area that it takes a while for leaves to dry. With that being said, wet leaves, dry leave and even small branches and twigs did not stand a chance against the power of this blower. It’s taken a job of several days of taking and blowing leaves to just a few ... read more hours of blowing leaves. I cleared out a 20’x20’ area of 6-8 inches of leaves out in a matter of minutes. If moving a loathe amount of leaves is what you need then this is the blower for you.
  1. 5 months ago
    Great Product
    BR 800 is Powerful and easy to use. The chest and belly strap make the unit feel lighter and more comfortable.
  2. 1 year ago
    A MUST-HAVE Accessory !!!
    Buy one of these NOW and you'll never have to worry about your Backpack Blower slipping off your shoulders during operation. This Chest Strap is also a must-have for those who purchase or own the Stihl Universal Double Shoulder Harness for use with Stihl FS-series Brushcutters. Aggravation solved!!!
  1. 5 years ago
  2. 1 year ago
    Excellent product. Got the job done in 15 to 20 minutes
    Our condo association bought the BG-86;blower and gutter attachment. I did one building in 30 minutes. It works great on dry or wet leaves and also removed pine needles. The gutters were pack with debris and I had no problem getting the debris out. I had plenty of power from the blower. Makes the job so much easier.
  3. 4 years ago
    I wish I would have bought this years earlier. From box to blower it took about 15 minutes. The most difficult part was attaching the hook elbows together...tight fit. I experienced NO issues of the pipes pulling apart or blowing off. It took me 30 minutes with a BG 56 c-e to blow out 320' of 6" gutters. The gutters were full of oak leaves and pine needs that were wet from the rain the night before. Although it is light, it does get hard on the back waving around a 10' hose.
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