Leaf Blower Safety Tips

Ensure courteous and safe leaf blower operation every day.

When using your leaf blower, please keep these basic safety tips in mind. Before using your blower, refer to your product’s instruction manual for a complete guide to approved blower operation.

  • Children MUST not operate a leaf blower.
  • Do not operate while standing on a ladder, rooftop, tree, or other unstable surface. Use nozzle attachments to reach high places.
  • Do not use a leaf blower if you are tired or sick, taking medication, or if you have used drugs or alcohol.
  • A leaf blower should NOT be used to clean up:
    • Large amounts of gravel or gravel dust
    • Construction dirt
    • Plaster dust
    • Cement and concrete dust
    • Dry garden topsoil

Dress Safely

Whether you’re using a gas- or battery-powered blower, you will want to wear the proper attire to help ensure safe operation. This includes hearing protection (either ear plugs or earmuffs), glasses that meet eye protection standards and non-slip, heavy-duty work gloves. Avoid loose-fitting jackets, scarfs, necklaces, jewelry, flared or cuffed pants, unconfined long hair, or anything that could become drawn into the air intake. Wear a respirator or dust mask as appropriate.

Handle Gas Carefully

First, ensure your fuel is the correct gasoline/STIHL oil mixture. Refer to your product’s instruction manual for mixture information, as well as a complete walk-through of proper fueling procedure. Once you have the correct mixture, make sure the blower is clean, dry and its engine is turned off. After fueling, store your fuel mixture in a well-ventilated area in a properly marked safety container.

Battery Safety

When operating a battery-powered blower, you should always use the recommended battery and charger for your blower model. When your blower is not in operation, you should remove the battery and store it separately, away from direct sunlight. Before starting your blower, you should inspect the battery for any damage, including punctures or cuts. If you notice any damage or abnormal functioning from your battery such as overheating, stop using the battery. If you have questions about the safety of your battery, consult your blower’s instruction manual or contact your dealer.