What is the Best Professional Hedge Trimmer for You?

Seasoned professionals understand the importance of the right tool for the job. STIHL professional hedge trimmers have the consistent power and durable components you need. But how do you choose the best professional hedge trimmer to add to your landscape trailer?

Consider This Before Choosing a Hedge Trimmer

When choosing from a wide range of commercial hedge trimmers, it’s important to make sure you get one that meets your needs. Before deciding on your STIHL hedge trimmer, consider these three things:

Your Primary Tasks

Do you primarily take care of small or seasonal trimming tasks, or are you dealing with extended length work or heavy pruning? Think about both the size of your tasks and the amount of time you spend trimming.

The Amount of Reach Needed

Do you typically work low to the ground? Or are you taking on tasks that require a bit more reach? Different commercial hedge trimmers offer different capabilities in terms of reach, so it’s a good idea to evaluate your needs.

Type of Power

Power can be both a matter of necessity and choice. Whether you have restrictive work environments or simply a preference, it’s a good idea to know in advance whether you want to work with gas or battery.

Features of Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers come in a wide range of forms with different capabilities. It’s important to know your options before choosing your professional hedge trimmer.

Head Type: Extended reach trimmers come with either a fixed head or articulating head for trimming hard-to-reach places.

Blade Types: The “T” blade is designed especially for precision sculpting and trimming. The “R” blade is designed for thinning and pruning woody shrubs and hedges.

Single or Double: Choose between single‐sided blades for efficient trimming of large areas or dual-sided for precision and sculpting.

Pole Type: Fixed poles offer rigid support while telescoping poles offer extended reach and maneuverability.

Strokes Per Minute: The lower range (2,000-3,000) is ideal for heavy-duty thinning and cutting while the high range (4,000-5,000) works best for precision sculpting.

Blade Teeth: Shorter teeth with smaller spacing is best for precise trimming and sculpting whereas taller teeth with wider spacing is optimal for taking on heavier pruning tasks.

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What is the Best Battery Hedge Trimmer for You?

If you’re looking for reliable performance, long run times, low noise, and reduced exhaust emissions, a STIHL battery-powered professional hedge trimmer may be for you. Keep in mind the type of work you’ll use it for and the kind of reach required when choosing the best battery hedge trimmer for your needs. No matter which you choose, your tool will feature many of the same durable components as our gas tools, as well as lightweight maneuverability to optimize operator comfort.

What is the Best Gas Hedge Trimmer for You?

STIHL gas-powered tools come from a long history of innovation and feature powerful engines and durable components. Many of our gas-powered hedge trimmers are lightweight and fuel-efficient to help improve operator comfort and reduce emissions. Be sure to check all the features to find the right tool for you, and know that whichever STIHL hedge trimmer you choose, it will work as hard as you do to get the job done right.

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