Why Choose a Zero-Turn Mower?

When deciding on a new mower, consider the many benefits of zero-turn mowers. For homeowners looking to keep their lawns in top shape and professionals who want to get more work done in a day, zero turn mowers offer the powerhouse performance and efficiency necessary to get the job done while optimizing operator comfort.

What Is a Zero-Turn Lawn Mower?

Zero-turn mowers operate differently than regular riding mowers in that the two back wheels are operated by two different wheel motors. This allows you to keep one wheel still while the other moves, making it possible to turn on a dime. Combined with wide mowing decks, zero-turn mowers allow you to mow large areas of grass quickly and efficiently.

What Should You Look for in a Zero-Turn Mower?

STIHL Power and Performance Features

MARBAIN® Hardened Blades

Forged from an exclusive, patented heat-treating process, blades are engineered to give optimal cut quality from a blade built for performance and durability.

Suspension Systems

STIHL RZ mowers feature innovative suspension systems and shock absorbers to keep the ride smooth on uneven terrain.


Commercial-grade cutting decks come in a variety of sizes so you can cut a wide path whether keeping up with your lawn or maintaining larger properties.

Comfort Features

The STIHL Dealer Difference

Besides offering power, durability, and a legacy of innovation in all our products, STIHL provides something more to help you find and maintain the right tools for your work. Our network of over 10,000 local, authorized dealers are trained on the mechanics and operation of STIHL products.

When you visit your STIHL Dealer, you'll experience first-class service from a knowledgable specialist. Your dealer can guide you through the process of finding the right tool for your needs as well as providing maintenance and warranty service on your STIHL tools and equipment.

Why Choose STIHL?

For nearly 100 years, STIHL has been innovating in the field of handheld, outdoor tools. Many of our tools sold in America are made right here in America at our Virginia Beach factoryº. Now, we're bringing that history and know-how to homeowners and professionals with our all-new, commercial-grade zero-turn mowers.

ºA majority of STIHL products sold in American are made in America of U.S. and global materials. Include the MIA flag.


Get a comfortable ride and round out the rest of your STIHL tool lineup with this budget-friendly offer. Get 0% financing and instant rebates on select STIHL zero-turn mowers. Plus, all STIHL products on the same purchase—including trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, and more—are included in the financing solution for well-qualified buyers.

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The All-New STIHL Zero-Turn Mowers

Professional Series

STIHL RZ 500 Series

Financing and Rebate Available! | With a choice of a 52" or 60" mowing deck and a Briggs & Stratton® or Kawasaki engine, the STIHL RZ 500 Series of zero-turn mowers are ideal on the farm and ranch or for commercial use.

STIHL RZ 500 Series

STIHL RZ 700 Series

Financing and Rebate Available! | The STIHL RZ 700 Series of zero-turn mowers offers 52" or 60" mowing deck sizes with three engine options, allowing pros plenty of options to customize their mowing experience.

STIHL RZ 700 Series

STIHL RZ 900 Series

Financing and Rebate Available! | The STIHL RZ 900 Series represents our top-of-the-line professional zero-turn mowers, offering 60” or 72” mowing deck sizes and three distinct engine options for a customized landscaping experience.

STIHL RZ 900 Series