Quality and Innovation

From the early days of STIHL and onward, a commitment to quality and innovation has helped lead us to worldwide recognition for legendary tools that truly stand the test of time.

Little could a young Andreas Stihl have imagined, way back in 1926, the implications of the chainsaws he designed and built at his Stuttgart home.

That from a single 140-pound, electrically powered saw would grow a company that is recognized today as a world leader in outdoor power equipment.

Then again, perhaps the young engineer and inventor did imagine it. Because more than just a dreamer, Andreas Stihl was a true innovator. It didn't take long for STIHL chainsaws to become extremely popular. The STIHL brand became synonymous with professional chainsaws and soon was the number one selling brand worldwide, a title the company retains today.

In the 1970s, STIHL expanded by building manufacturing plants in Brazil and the United States, which led to more diverse product lines. Significant growth in the construction and landscaping markets required products for these skilled professionals looking for STIHL quality and power, and our engineers responded. STIHL also met the increasing demands of quality-conscious consumers with a wide range of grass trimmers, edgers, blowers and, of course, chainsaws.

Through all the growth, the company still embraces the same old-world care, dedication to quality and innovative spirit that Andreas Stihl embodied so many decades ago. It’s why our sales continue to grow, and why our legion of customers count on us to keep setting the standard for dependability and new product innovation.