Report a Fraudulent Website

There's only one #RealSTIHL. If you suspect products are being sold online from anyone other than an authorized STIHL Dealer, use the form below to report it to our fraud department for further investigation.

Be aware of fraudulent sellers attempting to pose as official STIHL Dealers and/or retailers who are passing off counterfeit STIHL products not covered by any type of STIHL warranty.

Such products are sold at suspiciously deep discounts due to substandard production quality; as a result, performance will be poor and such tools may even be unsafe to operate.

STIHL USA has a network of more than 10,000 local authorized dealers. To find the authorized STIHL Dealer closest to you, visit our STIHL Dealer Locator at

Report counterfeit retail websites using the form below. If you have already purchased from one of these fake sellers, contact your financial institution as soon as possible so that they may be able to investigate and prevent future fraud.