Promoting Sustainable Groundskeeping with AGZA and STIHL Battery

As homeowners and professionals consider the transition from gas-powered outdoor tools to STIHL battery, the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) is working to make that transition easier with their certified green zones and field-tested tool certification. Read more about how STIHL is partnering with AGZA to support sustainable grounds maintenance.

The American Green Zone Alliance

AGZA, a global leader in zero exhaust emissions and sustainable grounds-maintenance strategies, is committed to improving grounds-maintenance practices for communities and the operators who work in those communities. Through education, training, certifications, and regular monitoring and reporting, AGZA is leading the way in establishing sustainability by:

  • Providing field testing and certification for battery-powered tools
  • Creating and verifying AGZA Green Zones®
  • Supporting the transition from gas- to battery-powered groundskeeping tools

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AGZA and STIHL Partnering for Sustainability

STIHL is proud to partner with AGZA in helping create sustainable Green Zones by offering AFTC certified, low-noise, zero exhaust emissions outdoor tools for both professionals and homeowners.

Why STIHL Battery?

From Andreas Stihl’s first chainsaw in 1926 to the launch of the first STIHL lithium-ion battery-powered tools in 2010, STIHL has been providing cutting-edge innovation to handheld outdoor power tools for nearly a century. STIHL continues to lead the way by partnering with AGZA to support sustainable grounds maintenance.


As the global leader in sustainable land-care strategies, the American Green Zone Alliance offers communities and professional landscapers the education, training, and certifications they need to successfully transition to low-noise, zero exhaust emissions land-care solutions.

AGZA Certified Service Professionals

The AGZA Service Pro Certification indicates a landscaping or lawn care business that has committed to performing maintenance with low noise, zero exhaust emissions equipment, and sustainable practices. Find an AGZA Certified Pro near you or inquire about becoming AGZA Certified.

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The STIHL Green Zone Credit Program

Service professionals, institutions, and commercial property owners can earn thousands of dollars in vouchers for completing the AGZA Service Pro Certificate course or the AGZA Green Zone Certification.

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The AGZA Field Tested Certification for Tools

The AGZA Field Tested Certification (AFTC) was created to help homeowners and professionals easily find battery-powered tools that offer the power and run times they need to get a significant return on their investment when they switch. An AFTC badge means AGZA has field-tested the tool and found it sufficient to replace an equivalent gas-powered tool.

AFTC Tools in the STIHL Lineup

STIHL is a proud leader in the battery-powered landscape tool industry. Both the AK Homeowner System and AP Professional System of STIHL battery tools are AFTC certified.


Exceptional power meets exceptional value. The AK Homeowner Battery System has everything you need to get working and to get it done On A Single Charge™. Check out STIHL battery chainsaws, battery lawn mowers, and battery blowers, all powered by AK System batteries.



The AP Professional Battery System delivers professional-grade power and is great for extensive use on a wide range of properties. Built for hard work, the AP Professional Battery System delivers pro-grade power and is ideal for extensive use across a wide range of properties.

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