Just Beyond the Cutting Edge

Keeping with our long commitment to delivering professionals the tools they need make work easier, faster, and more efficient, STIHL has some exciting new innovations across the STIHL Cutquik® line designed to meet the challenges of construction pros.

New Products Coming Soon

As the number one selling brand of gas-powered cut-off machines in the world, we are always innovating to make sure we provide the best tools possible for all the work you do. Check out the new and updated products coming soon to a dealer near you.

TS 910¡ STIHL Cutquik®

Introducing the most powerful handheld 16-in., gasoline-powered cut-off machine on the market. Thanks to innovative engineering, the STIHL TS 910i is more compact and offers 24% more power (8.3 bhp) than the previous model.

  • Electronically controlled fuel injection provides users with powerful, rapid acceleration
  • X2 Air Filtration System allows air filters to last up to a year depending on cutting conditions, reducing engine maintenance
  • Compact powerhead design for optimal maneuverability and handling in tight spaces

Shown with optional 16" diamond wheel.

TS 710¡ STIHL Cutquik®

The TS 710i, featuring a 14" cutting wheel and STIHL electronically controlled fuel injection, offers durability along with fast cutting speeds. The lightweight components minimize user fatigue, so users can get more work done in a day.

  • Boasts one of the highest power-to-weight ratios in its class and is ideal for minimizing operator fatigue
  • Modern antivibration system is designed for low transmission of vibration, increasing operator comfort
  • Features X2 Air Filtration System and electronically controlled fuel injection

Shown with optional 14" diamond wheel.


The TSA 300 is the most powerful battery-powered, professional-grade cut-off machine in the STIHL lineup. Featuring a 12” wheel with an impressive 4.3” cutting depth, this machine is lightweight and requires less maintenance than it’s gasoline-powered counterpart.

  • Magnetic filter is designed to protect the unit from fine metal dust particles
  • Lightweight design minimizes user fatigue, allowing for greater maneuverability and productivity
  • IPX4 rating signifies water resistance, allowing for wet cutting
  • Compatible with interchangeable AP Professional System batteries

Shown with optional 12" diamond wheel.