Nathaniel Hodges 

Pro Competitor Profile

Name: Nathaniel Hodges 
Nickname: Nate
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 220 lbs.
Birthday: March 11, 1984
Location: North Fork, CA
Job: General Contractor 
Interests: Fishing, hiking, camping, and most of all, TIMBERSPORTS 
Athlete Since: 2019 

How did you get involved in lumberjack sports?
I live in North Fork, a small mountain town in the exact center of California. We host an annual lumberjack competition named the Loggers Jamboree. I began competing here when I was 19, this is where my passion for lumberjack sports transpired.

When did you begin participating/competing in STIHL TIMBERSPORTS®?
I started pursuing STIHL TIMBERSPORTS in June of 2017, in 2019 I was accepted into the series.

How do you train for STIHL TIMBERSPORTS®?
There is not a day that goes by that I don’t physically or mentally train for this sport. I do max interval training 6 days a week, run at least twice a week, and train the actual TIMBERSPORTS events a minimum of 4 times a week, sometimes every day. I will also spend countless hours studying other competitors and myself on coaches’ eye.

What’s your best/strongest STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® discipline?
Springboard chop, because it's awesome!

Any advice for collegiate competitors?
Determination and commitment will take you far in this sport and life in general. If you want it don't make excuses, make it happen! Reach out to the professionals and ask for help. Competitors are generous in TIMBERSPORTS. If they see you are committed and determined they will help.

What’s your proudest moment in the sport?
Realizing that I have the ability to compete at the top level.