Nancy Zalewski

Professional Competitor Bio

Nancy Zalewski
Location: Manitowoc, WI
Height: 5’ 9½”
Birthday: May 3, 1969
Job: Chemist
Interests: Downhill skiing

How long have you competed in lumberjack sports?
20 years

How did you get involved in lumberjack sports and when did you start competing?
My first cut was a Jack-and-Jill crosscut event as part of the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series in Oshkosh, WI in 1999. I grew up in Hayward, WI and used to work at the Lumberjack World Championships. One year, I decided I wanted to try it. I spent a day learning how to cross cut saw and that developed into me competing at my first event and growing my interest from there.

How do you train for the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series?
I’m in the gym in the winter but as soon as it gets warm enough to train outside, I have a deck in my yard where I can practice each event. Nothing compares to actually chopping a block or running a stock saw - you have to do it.

What’s your best/strongest STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series discipline?

What advice would you give to young female athletes interested in competing on the Series?
If it’s something you really want to do, you need to have the commitment to train. You can’t get better without cutting blocks, and it doesn’t come easy nor is it cheap. Be ready to work and pay attention. Find a professional to teach you correctly right from the start. Everyone has advice for you - listen to it.