David Moses

Professional Competitor Bio

David Moses
Nickname: Junior
Location: Snoqualmie, WA
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 255 lbs.
Birthday: January 9, 1965
Job: Tile setter
Interests: Fishing and hunting
Athlete Since: 1972

How did you get involved in lumberjack sports?
My Dad has been in TIMBERSPORTS since 1972.

When did you begin participating/competing in lumberjack sports and the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series?
Started lumberjack sports competition in 1991 and started STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series in 2005.
How do you train for the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series and other lumberjack competitions?
Crossfit Training and event training

Are you related to any current or former STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series competitors?
Best/strongest STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series discipline:
Single buck
Any advice for the collegiate competitors?
Train hard, listen well and always be teachable.
What pro athlete/celebrity would you like to see try one of the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series disciplines?
Brock Lesnar

Name three songs on your training/working out playlist?
Busy Child - The Crystal Method, Bleeding - Five Finger Death Punch, What About Now-ICP

Favorite TV Show:

Favorite Sports Team:
Seattle Seahawks and Mariners

Proudest moment in your life so far:
Latest is winning the three-man world championship standing butcher block in Squamish B.C. with Branden Sirguy and my dad, David Moses Sr.

I also helped coach the high school wrestling team, helping the 285 lb. win State last year for the first time in 20 years for the school.

Anything else you'd like to share?
I've been clean and sober for 18 years.
This has been a great sport that has brought me all over the USA and Canada and as far as New Zealand and Australia. I've met a great many people and made a lot of great friends.