GS 461 STIHL Rock Boss®

Concrete is About to Get Rocked

Deep cutting. Square corners. The GS 461 Rock Boss® has concrete credentials to get the job done. At STIHL we have used everything that we know about chainsaws and cut-off machines to create a concrete cutter that can handle even the toughest jobs.This new concrete cutter will help you work harder, faster and smarter so you can get the job done faster. See it in action!

High-Performance Powerhead

The GS 461 Rock Boss® is equipped with a state of the art, low-emissions engine designed to withstand the rigors of the construction site. STIHL technology enables the GS 461 Rock Boss® to have the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry. As if that wasn‘t enough, the low emissions engine is 20% more fuel efficient than a standard 2-stroke engine and runs at 13,500 max rpm.

High-Performance Air Filtration System

Keeps you cutting longer. Thanks to cutting edge STIHL technology, the 2-stage HD2 air filtration system is designed specifically for the concrete cutting application. It features a washable PET filter element and a fine mesh auxiliary filter to help protect the engine on even the dirtiest job sites.

Easy Starting

With a built-in decompression valve, and an ElastoStart™ handle with a built-in shock absorber, the GS 461 Rock Boss® gets you working faster. Other features like an upright fuel filler cap mean that you don‘t have to lay the machine on its side to fill it with fuel. The GS 461 also uses STIHL standard 50:1 fuel-oil mixture so you only need one type of fuel on the job site.

Standard features to make your job easier

We understand that it’s the little things that make a big difference on the jobsite. That’s why we added captive bar nuts that don’t get lost when you need to work. Rubber feet keep the machine in place when it is idling on the ground. An oversized rubber bumper on the front of the unit protects the powerhead from impact with hard concrete. The water control valve is mounted directly on the unit for quick access.

Learn more about the GS 461

STIHL product manager Dan Pherson gives you an up close look at the Rock Boss®.

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Concrete Credentials

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