The Road to Green is Orange

Energy Efficient Outdoor Power Equipment

The Road to Green is Orange

At STIHL, we invest considerable resources in making energy-efficient products that minimize our impact on the environment. We’re committed to developing powerful, battery-powered or fuel-efficient outdoor power equipment while using production practices that are environmentally responsible. After all, taking care of nature is at the heart of everything we do.

Managing Our Environment

Over the past several years, STIHL has made significant investments in research and development to address our environmental footprint. STIHL is dedicated to developing products that are environmentally responsible. We are proud that our product line features some of the best available technologies and some of the cleanest running outdoor power equipment available today. STIHL will continue to work toward socially responsible environmental stewardship both in operation and manufacturing. We are also working to increase environmental awareness in our vendors and business partners. At the end of the day, caring for nature is the very basis of our operation.

STIHL partners with agencies and organizations that encourage the responsible use of natural resources, promote sustainable growth woodlands and support the continuing of our future farmers and agribusiness professionals.

A long-term proponent of responsible forest management, STIHL believes we can all work together to keep our country clean, green and beautiful.

Engine Technologies

STIHL battery products. Lightweight, powerful and quieter than fuel-powered equipment, STIHL’s battery product line is great for the environment. Indeed, battery-powered tools produce zero exhaust emissions while eliminating the need for fuel. Available in three tiers of performance, STIHL battery products allow you to do as much work as fuel-powered products with no gradual loss of power. Choose the greener solution that doesn't sacrifice performance.

Electric. STIHL also produces a line of corded electric equipment that offers the quality, performance and safety features our customers expect from STIHL, while minimizing environmental impact.

Low-Emission Engines. STIHL uses a variety of engine technologies to provide powerful, lightweight equipment that delivers low emissions, increased fuel efficiency, low noise, and decreased maintenance. Customers can choose from STIHL's patented hybrid 4-MIX® or stratified charge 2-cycle, depending on their particular needs and objectives.

Non-Petroleum Based Lubricants and Oils provide a highly biodegradable, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional oils. These ester- or vegetable-based oils are less harmful to humans, animals, microorganisms, and plants.

STIHL OILOMATIC® Saw Chains and Ematic™ Guide Bars offer optimal lubrication, longer wear and less oil consumption than conventional methods which can translate into significant cost savings.

No Gas. No Cord. No Emissions. No Compromise.

The STIHL Inc. "Caring for Nature" seal identifies its powered products and oils that are more environmentally conscious. For powered products, the seal signifies that they produce zero or low exhaust emissions. STIHL Inc. defines "low exhaust emissions" as being cleaner than EPA and/or CARB exhaust emission standards. For oils, the seal means that the oils are highly biodegradable, degrading by 80 percent or more within 21 days.

A Greener Shade of Orange

At STIHL, we are committed to developing products that minimize environmental impact and reduce consumption of natural resources.

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