Before Using STIHL Harvester Saw Chain for the First Time

Changeover From Other Saw Chains to the STIHL RAPID™ Harvester Special (RMHS)

Proper Usage

The .404" STIHL RAPID™ Micro™ Harvester Special (RMHS) saw chain has wide running faces to reduce the load on the chain, guide bar and sprocket. In order to utilize the benefits of the chain's wide running faces and thus extend service life, it is necessary to check that the widths of the running faces on the chain, guide bar rails and chain sprockets match.

Improper Usage

Other brands of harvester chain may have slender design features which may cause narrower wear pattern on the guide bar and chain sprocket. If the new .404" STIHL RAPID™ Micro™ Harvester Special (RMHS) saw chain is mounted on a bar worn in such a way, the edge pressure will be increased. Because this would result in excessive wear or damage on the chain, it is recommended that a new chain sprocket and guide bar are installed with the new chain to ensure optimum break-in and operation. (NOTE: Instead of a new guide bar, the rails of a used guide bar might be restored by a deburring process.)

NOTE: Harvester chain is designed for use on mechanical harvester heads only.



This saw chain has increased risk of kickback injury and is for use only by persons with extraordinary cutting needs and experience and specialized training for dealing with kickback.