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Push mowers with push-button simplicity

STIHL delivers lawn care innovation once again with the addition of battery-powered lawn mowers. But these aren't your typical walk-behind mowers. These revolutionary mowers are built with Lithium-Ion battery technology, making them lightweight, quiet and ready to run with a simple squeeze of a trigger. Best of all, these mowers produce zero exhaust emissions, making it an environmentally responsible way to take control of your environment. 
  1. 2 years ago
    awesome battery life
    This machine surprised me with how well it eats up the grass and how well it holds a charge. We have roughly 4000 sq ft of grass and pretty thick grass and after the initial cut, we mow it once a week on 70% battery. its amazing. the initial cut have about 4" of growth and it took one full battery and 10% of the other, still not bad and that is exactly why we bought two batteries. I like the fact that it is not self propelled for the workout aspect but it does make it hard for my young boys to ... read more push it. So if there was any downside, that would be it.
  2. 2 years ago
    Best lawn mower I've ever owned.
    I own the 510 lawn mower, FSA 85 trimmer and the BGA 85 blower. All use the same battery. I have a decent size yard for living in the city and have loved owning this set up. I only have one battery but have never had a problem with battery power and getting my yard squared away. Proper recharging planning makes it seem like I never run out of power. I never have to deal with running out of gas or something not starting. Mower stands on end for easy washing when done. It's really great. Thanks Stihl.
  3. 11 months ago
    Fantastic mower
    This mower is light weight and easy to turn. It’s easy to adjust the height and the handle is adjustable and very comfortable. The batteries last a long time and is quick to charge. It mows beautifully cuts even high grass. Very easy and compact for storage handle folds down and you can store it up right don’t have to worry about gas spills. It’s very easy to start runs great I love it and would highly recommend it.
  1. 7 months ago
    AMAZING!!! This is one of our best investments.
    I decided to wait to post a review until I have had the mower for a while. I have had my iMow for just over a year and to say it has exceeded my expectations is an understatement! My lawn has never looked better. My watering bill is lower and one of the best parts, the moles hate it and have left my lawn. I travel several days a week and to come home to a lawn that looks perfect is great. I own quite a few STIHL tools and never in 33 years of marriage has my wife called any of them "one of ... read more our best investments". Well our iMow (my kids named it NeMow), is the first tool to make that happen. We love this mower! Highly recommend it to anyone.
  2. 4 months ago
    lovin our iMow !!
    We bought iMow about 6 months ago. Absolutely love it !! we have had a few little problems usually operator error. The experts from Siskun have been so very helpful any time there was an issue, either answering questions on the phone or when needed they would come out to the house to help. We want to give a big shout out to Brian at Siskun and Martin at iMow, without them we would be lost.
  3. 6 months ago
    There is nothing like it!
    We have three acres with one that is irrigated around the house. When I mentioned to my wife about getting a Stihl I-mow she immediately said yes. She helps me mow all three acres as we have two riding mowers. We have named our i-mow “Clipper” Clipper mows the acre with ease. It took about a week and that acre looks fabulous. It mows and mows and mows and all we do is check on it now and then. It even docks itself when low on power and then recharges and off it goes again. Best dollar spent ... read more for us. Easy to use, easy to maintain and did we mention the service is the best anyone could expect. We are now considering a second I-mow for one of our other acres.
  1. 7 months ago
    Great performance for a battery operated mower
    Powerful, dependable and affordable. I owned Stihl equipment before and have had great success with it. It was a no brainer to buy it again. The Rma 460 battery operated mower to me is better than most gas mowers today. From start to finish very easy to use and you get the cut you want for your lawn. Very pleased with my purchase. Worked on mowers all my life and this will hang with best. Don't let the battery operated part fool you. My hardest thing before I bought it was can this mower cut my ... read more yard the way I wanted it. Well it did. Thank you Stihl.
  2. 10 months ago
    Outstanding Performance
    This was my first battery powered lawnmower and I was skeptical about purchasing one. However, I am not new to STIHL and own several tools that I am more than pleased with. After discussion with my wife, we went ahead and made this purchase. I could not be more pleased with the quality and performance of the RMA 460. I love the variable speed motor that will conserve the battery power if it is not needed and it is an excellent fit for the yard size of our home. Even in the tallest grass, there ... read more has only been a single time that I have had to recharge the battery before finishing. I high recommend this product to anyone considering making the jump from gas to battery. Thank you STIHL for your quality, service, and proven track record of USA made top of the line tools and products!!
  3. 10 months ago
    Light Quiet and Easy to Mow
    I have the RMA460, the trimmer and the blower. Good battery life, AK30 easily powers my lawn-cutting, and powers my Stihl trimmer and blower for a full hour and a half. would recommend getting a second battery so you are ready to use the system whenever you need it. Lives up to Stihl's high gas equipment standards
  1. 9 months ago
    Bought my life back!
    i have now had this robotic mower in my yard for 2 years. I waited to review to ensure I could provide info after spring and fall performance. It kept up with the fast growing season in the spring, and mulched leaves all fall. I finally gave away my HONDA self-propelled mower this year as I just don't need it. There were some adjustments required through the first few months with a few trees and flower beds, but once the perimeter wire was in the right place, this mower keeps up with my 1/4 acre ... read more property and my grass has never looked better.
  2. 7 months ago
    Great Time Saver
    I have owned the RMI 422 for 2 years and I am really happy with it. The main reason is that I now have a robot doing a very mundane chore so I have more time to do more important things. The iMow cuts the lawn quietly (unlike my gas lawnmower) and without complaints, needs minimal service (just cleaning) and the result is a more beautiful lawn than I had before! I was able to change out the cutting blade myself in about 5 minutes.
  3. 8 months ago
    iMOW is amazing!
    Over a year ago, I made the decision to purchase an iMOW (422) after conducting a lot of research on several other brands. I like my lawn, but having an iMOW frees up time to do other things that I find far more enjoyable and my lawn always looks perfectly mowed. The main reason that I went with an iMOW is that if anything ever needed service, I could take it to my local STIHL dealer. Also, when I spoke with my STIHL dealer, before purchasing, they were very knowledgeable and even provided me ... read more with advice on the installation process (as I wanted to do it myself). The installation process isn't super quick, but after reading the manual and asking several questions of my dealer I had the unit installed and up mowing within about 4 hours. If you’d rather have the dealer install your iMOW, they can install it for a fee. Before the install, my lawn looked bare and overall it was unhealthy. Within 2 months of using the iMOW my lawn looked like a well-manicured golf course. Not only do the tiny cuts/blades of grass fertilize my yard, the mower is also light enough that it doesn’t cause damage to my lawn (which was a constant issue with the traditional mower...especially when the grass is wet). Also, no more having to bag and dispose of lawn clippings! Over the past year, all I’ve had to do to service the unit is to change the blade twice based on normal use (every 200 hours of mowing). Also, I decided to install the high-traction wheels (as I have a few steep areas in my lawn) which really helped. One issue did come up after about 10 months of use…the LCD screen wouldn’t come on occasionally when I went to adjust the settings. It was clear that it was software/not hardware related and I took it to my STIHL dealer. The dealer was able to update the software which solved the LCD issue, at no cost. This said the new (updated) software changed how the mower mowed my yard. Based on those changes it would no longer mow my yard completely (in one area). This said the good news is that I was able to get in touch with Joseph with STIHL corporate and they sent Martin (an iMow Specialist) out to my home to load an update on my mower...which immediately fixed the issue. Both Joseph and Martin provided amazing customer service! Not sure what other company does house-calls these days? Again, this is why I purchased an iMOW…they stand behind their products. Beyond the one small hiccup that was fixed, the machine has been extremely reliable and even mows my yard perfectly in full rain. Best purchase ever!
  1. 5 months ago
    Very light and easy to use
    Was skeptical of how well a battery powered mower would do we have been very happy with the way it mulches and bags A second battery has been very helpful
  2. 1 month ago
    I love my new steel 510b mower. The best product I've ever bought
  3. 5 days ago
    This is an outstanding mower!
    This is my first battery powered electric lawn mower. I bought it to replace a 12-year old gas powered push mower, which would get bogged down in thick, moderately long grass no matter how sharp the blade was. Recently a few friends had mentioned to me how good battery powered mowers in general had gotten in the last few years, and that I should get one. I chose Stihl for their reputation and the availably of spare parts should I ever need them. The RMA 510V has far exceeded my expectations. ... read more Here are some takeaways from the first month's mowing: - Mulches moderate-length, fertilized, spring-time grass with no problem even in "eco" mode, which lowers the RPMs to save energy. It maintains a constant RPM regardless of variations in grass density. This grass used to bog down my gas mower in certain areas, but not so with the 510V. I'm confident the 510V will handle anything my old gas mower could and more. - The self propelled wheels work shockingly well. I've owned gas self propelled mower in the past and was expecting the same heavy resistance when attempting to push the mower without engaging the drivetrain. It turns out electric self propelled mowers have the exact same feel as a normal, non-self propelled push mower when the drive is disabled. There are no mechanical linkages to an engine that inhibit traditional self-propelled mowers and add resistance. It's just a small electric motor powering the rear wheels, which adds no noticeable resistance when it's not engaged. The electric drive is also light and only adds 4 pounds compared to the RMA 510. - I am able to mow my 1/4 acre (with a house on it) with one AP300 battery using eco mode and the self-propelled wheels engaged. I have two batteries, but don't need the second one. I rotate them each week and store them at about 20% to ensure long life. - The mower is very light compared to gas mowers. - While performing exceptionally well for mowing, it doesn't appear this mower has the same suction as a gas mower if you are looking to suck up and mulch leaves in the fall. I blow mine so this is not an issue. - Other than sharpening the blade on occasion, there is no maintenance with this mower. I find this a huge benefit over gas models. - I have purchased a number of other Stihl AP-Series battery products. Once I put down the initial investment for my two batteries (AP300) and charger (AL500), all the other tools seem inexpensive since for the quality. Overall, I highly recommend this mower combined with two AP300 batteries and AL500 charger. You will never have any downtime regardless of how large your yard is. The AL500 will fully charge a battery before the 510V will consume one.
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