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STIHL chainsaws are German-engineered and built in America.* We also go a step further and custom manufacture our own guide bars and saw chains for all our machines in-house. This ensures our chainsaws meet our standards in design and performance - standards that have made STIHL the clear choice for professionals and homeowners, making STIHL the #1 selling brand of chainsaws worldwide.

Chainsaw Frequently Asked Questions

Note: STIHL recommends use of fuel with no more than 10% ethanol content. Using fuel with greater than 10% ethanol content may cause damage to your equipment and may void your STIHL warranty. Learn More…

*A majority of STIHL gasoline-powered units sold in the United States are built in the United States from domestic and foreign parts and components.
  1. 4 weeks ago
    Light weight
    Very nice saw. Lightweight easy to use. Just need to know how to start. Full choke 2 pulls. 1/2 choke 1 pull on cold start. 1/2 choke 1 or 2 pulls on warm start. Perfect!! I am not a professional logger. I consider myself a novus. Even know it's a really good cutter know when to lay the saw down. Meaning this saw is not meant to cut really large diameter logs. Even know it will. It's to hard on a small engine like this. So when you get to the big stuff. STOP! Pick up your ... read more large saw and move on with the big stuff. My belief is if you maintain this saw and use it for what it is designed for. You have just bought a saw for life. Oh recommended see YouTube on proper maintenance and up keep of your saw, chain, and bar. Enjoy your saw!! I am!!
  2. 9 months ago
    The chainsaw works fine
    Just bought the ms170 a few weeks ago and the staff demonstrated how to start the saw. When I got home I used the saw for about an hour, off and on intermittently and it ran and restarted well. Two days later I filled the fuel tank with Stijl premixed gas and oil (50:1). I can’t get the saw to start again. I will be removing the spark plug and checking to see if it’s fouled, if not I’ll be taking the saw back for a refund or replacement!!
  3. 4 weeks ago
    Great saw
    Bought the MS170 saw almost a year ago. Still starts on the 2nd or 3rd pull. Lightweight and easy to use. The only problem I have has is that my son loves the saw as much as I do. He takes my MS170 saw all the time and uses at his house for cutting his firewood. I solved the problem with my MS170 saw. I bought him on for his birthday. He loves it too.
  1. 6 years ago
    Many moons ago, I bought a MS034. It is a 3.45 cu in saw. The dealer sold me an RM chain. Dealer said that there really wasn't my difference between the RM and the RS. I always cursed the saw as it barely cut. I had and old mac610 that out cut the Stihl saw. Eventually, I wore out the chain and brought an RS chain replacement. What a world of difference. You have to respect the dangerous nature of what you are working with. I always wear my chaps, eye and ear protection, and love my Stihl saws, ... read more with the proper chains. I also always machine sharpen my chains.
  2. 2 years ago
    Fast Cutter - for the experienced
    Great Chain, but only if you've got a lot of cutting time under your belt. I use this chain when I've got a lot of bucking to do. I use the other safety chain (RM3) for limbing, difficult position cutting, or my hands are getting tired (where there's greater risk). I just used this chain again this weekend for a pile of bucking and it's great. Super Fast cuts and it does a great job of throwing the chips. (I was getting "chips" over an inch long). I only use the Stihl 2in1 sharpener and never ... read more have a problem with this chain being super sharp and cutting straight. I use RS / RM3 & always keep a sharpened spare chain in my bag.
  3. 4 years ago
    The Best Pro Saw Chain available.
    I've used most Saw Chain . Out the box super Sharpe you could probley shave with it . Cut 2 Truck loads of moss covers Loctus Logs so far and a light dig in the dirt. Still razor sharp . No touch up needed at this time. Respect this chain . At high RPM it can have a wickad kick back. But what got was getting complacent . While carrying the saw I raked my arm across it . It told me how sharp it was quick. It cuts Hardwood like butter. You don't have to mussle this chain with then spike . If you ... read more have to it's dull so stop and sharpen it or change to a spare. At the right dealer this Saw Chain is very affordable.
  1. 7 years ago
    Excellent Firewood Saw
    This is my "go to" saw when cutting firewood. I have cut around 25 full cord of wood with this saw since buying it new in the fall of 2009 at Doug's Small Engine in Mount Pleasant, MI. It has never had even the slightest issue, always ready to jump into service at a moments notice. Best feature overall is the anti-vibe spring system, this is a very smooth saw to run. Power is reasonable, you will have no trouble using a 20" bar, a 25" is definitely pushing it on a 60cc saw. My only gripe it the ... read more air filtration, obviously Stihl agrees and has fixed the issue on the newer saw models (MS261/461). Although I have many chainsaws, if I had to have only one, it would be the MS362 without question.
  2. 6 years ago
    the only saw I need
    I have had my saw for two years now with no problems whatsoever. The saw has plenty of power to run a 20" bar comfortably, and 25" if you need it. This saw pulls the 25" bar and chain through large oak trees no problem. For someone who heats with firewood in my area, this saw is the perfect saw. I do not even own any smaller or larger saws, this saw is the saw that anyone should pick if they were only to have one, as I do. From small diameter trees and limbing, to felling and bucking 36" ... read more diameter trees, this saw gets it done.
  3. 7 years ago
    great multipurpose firewood saw
    i decided to buy a stihl 362 after running plenty of my friends husqvarna and stihl 50 and 70cc saws. i owned a 455 and wanted more power in a simular weight package. i found this saw to have a great power to weight ratio and to be a good do-it-all saw. With the right bars and chains this saw will take care of the needs of both power classes, mine runs great with a 25" full chisel and a 18" semi chisel.
  1. 6 years ago
    Does the job.
    Having this scabbard on my saw when its not in use is a must. Makes me feel safe to have children in the garage without having to worry about them running into an unprotected saw.
  2. 2 years ago
    Dog & Chain Saver!
    If you drive like any typical logger with a dog in the back of your truck, these Bar Scabbards are the best way to keep Fido from becoming hamburger! Aside from protecting "man's best friend", they sure save your chain from the ravages of a steel pickup bed, or from any other objects for that matter. You might even save those new double-front logging jeans, as well. Just think how long it takes to dress-up a chain!
  3. 5 years ago
    Must Have Protection
    I've always used cases and scabbards for all my saws. Only complaint was the scabbard from dealer for my 660 32" bar only covered half the bar even with extension. I was able to later get a full length single piece scabbard for not much money. If you got one of the hodge podge covers, insist on a full length single piece. The full length scabbards also work well with the Woodsman cases in place of the one that comes with the case. This is necessary if your bar is longer than 20". I use this ... read more method for my 046 and 362 with 25" bars.
  1. 7 years ago
    A must have for splitting hardwood
    Better than other wedges, does not bounce out, and splits wood with ease. 2in to 3in or less makes a wide gap in the wood. Needs demonstration models at dealerships and very hard to find in south central PA.
  2. 2 years ago
    stihl the best by far
    the greatest wedge in the world paired with the stihl pro maul you have the wood busting more power tools love stihl when you bust wood with stihl you can hear the wood singing love you stihl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 3 years ago
    Advantage- Twisted Wedge
    The design, materials and construction of this tool are improvements over standard metal wedges. It is lighter. The "teeth" may not look/be sharp, yet do hold the wedge in wet, icy, frozen wood quickly. The head and point seem to be somewhat hardened....hard, but have not chipped, fractured, broken; head hadn't mushroomed. The design reinforces the lower 2". (bends, doesn't break). DO NOT stress-test this wedge by attempting to split a dried bole of fatwood at a 45-degree angle to where a ... read more large limb had grown out from trunk. It was harder than Fat-Boy's head. I finally did split that mess, after nearly an hour with a 20-lb. sledge. Half of the tip was bent back on itself (I have pictures), which explains the slow progress. My X-Ray vision wasn't working so well, thus couldn't see inside the wood. Stihl replaced the wedge in short-order.
  1. 9 months ago
    another great product bought from my local dealer wilson hardware
    love the light weight and with 28in light bar this thing is amazing glad my dealer could order it and set up the way that i like it it blows my 441c out the water and 3/4 wrap just makes it easy to use and is sexy the throttle response is wicked fast with a sharp chain i could barley stall it out on hard wood thanks stihl for another great product and thanks again to wilson hardware where unlike the big box stores your knowledge and help has yet again made me glad after 4 yrs from buying my ... read more first saw from them i bring all my friends and family to this store i appreciate all help from Dave and his wife
  2. 7 months ago
    Great Saw!
    I got my MC462 RC after being a little frustrated regarding the lack of power of the saws that I already owned, I wanted more. Well, I got more and then some with the MC462. Way back in the day when I was riding dirt bikes the rule was you got a bike powerful enough that it scared you when you first rode it. The reasoning was that you will learn to ride it, grow into it as you learn to respect it. That philosophy still applies today just as it did those many years ago. I wanted a saw that did ... read more not bog down, one I could put a long enough bar on it that I did not have to bend over so far every time I bucked logs. With the MC462 RC I got my saw. The full wrap grip is great and with a 25 inch bar this saw is exactly what I needed to keep me and my little family warm in the below zero winters here in Montana. Starting this saw with the new three position system is out standing, it just does not get any easier than this. I love this saw and you will too.
  3. 1 month ago
    Very smooth and quick
    I’ve run 2 tanks of fuel through it so far and really like the way it handles. Good power and very light weight. Very quick acceleration. It could use a little more “grunt” in the big wood but I’m sure that will come with a few more tanks through it. Over all, a very nice saw. A bit over priced in my opinion.
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