AL 301-4 Multi Charger

This professional, flexible multi-charger can sequentially charge up to four STIHL batteries.


  • Charges up to Four Batteries Sequentially
  • Approved for Mobile Use
  • Stackable up to Three Chargers High
  • Cable Wrap
A powerful accessory for STIHL battery-powered fleets, the AL 301-4 Multi Charger can sequentially charge up to four AP or AR batteries. Ideal for charging batteries overnight in a workshop or on the go, this AP System charger will help keep you and your fleet of professionals powered up and moving all day long. It can charge up to four AP 300 S batteries in just under five hours. Approved for mobile use, the AL 301-4 can simplify charging logistics between jobs. LED indicator lights display when batteries are fully charged and ready to go or if they are too hot or cold for use. With its sequential charging, the AL 301-4 uses a reduced amount of energy that enables plugging in up to three chargers on a single 15A/120V circuit. You can also save space by mounting the charger to a wall or shelf or by stacking multi-charger units up to three high. With its flexibility and convenient charge times, the AL 301-4 Multi Charger will be a powerful addition to any STIHL battery-powered fleet of tools. 

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