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Earth Auger

Powerful tools made for professionals

Like a one-man band, a STIHL earth auger has an impressive beat. That’s why professionals choose the extraordinary performance of this one-man earth auger when they need a powerful post hole auger to drill the big jobs. Pros know that when they’re in the middle of a hard day’s work, features like the exclusive STIHL Quickstop® auger brake, the advanced vibration dampening system and an oversized hip pad for added comfort is music to their ears.
  1. 7 years ago
    Beyond the suggested use...
    I bought and used two of these to plant a wetland mitigation site. I had to fabricate a piece to allow me to run a larger bit-- the 4" ones designed for planting one gallon plants. The ground we were working in is soft floodplain loam, but I was able to plant between 10-15k plants before the units broke down significantly, both in the gear box. Well worth the $$ invested vs a shovel / laborers. Ended up buying a 121 to finish the job of the one gallon plants, and used the 45's (after repairs) ... read more to finish planting an additional 120k small grasses. (Used the small bits designed for the machine) The only major issues other than the gearbox was the throttle cables. They got sticky fast and were difficult to actuate. The spark arrestors clogged within the first week, rendering the machine inoperable, but they are easy to remove.
  2. 3 years ago
    Expensive, but worth it if you have to plant a lot of stuff...
    I am a homeowner that prefers to buy professional tools for the jobs I have to do. We have a lake property that needed over 600 plants to be installed on what amounts to a cliff (we must have climbing gear on and be in a harness). I knew in order to get the job done quickly and correctly, this tool would be essential. This tool is unusual, so I had to call one of the bigger Stihl dealerships to get everything ordered correctly (most dealers I called have not even heard of this and they were ... read more incorrectly trying to order the wrong bits). In short, this tool was amazing for the job it is intended to do. With basically 3 men, we planted 600 plants in very challenging environment in 1 3/4 days. The landscaper said had we not had this tool, it would have taken 6 days, so it was money well spent. Starting: Initially, either through lack of experience or the breaking in period, the auger was a real bear to start. I followed the instructions, but it just wanted to flood. I ended up taking out the spark, and spraying in some WD40 in the chamber to get it to start for the first use. Afterwards, I follow these steps and it has worked every time... Press the prime button THREE TIMES. Put it in neutral. Put it on full choke. Lock the throttle. Pull the cord about 3 times. It will sorta fire. Advance it to non choke. Keep pulling until it starts (normally 4 or 5 times). Let it warm up before releasing the lock. If you pull much more than 3 times in choke, it will flood. Bit size: We used a 4 inch bit exclusively the entire weekend. The bits are not cheap (around $90). I would have loved to have a 3 inch and a 5 inch. They make both, despite saying it will only handle a 4 inch auger. As long as you aren't pushing it through super rooty soil, you can definitely make use of the 5 inch bit. To plant larger items, I would drill (4) 4 inch holes, and then pull the dirt out. A LOT EASIER than digging a big hole. If you want to plant a lot of tulip bulbs, then get the 3 inch. Depth of digging: Despite what the previous reviewer said, I was able to nearly sink the head of the unit. It will go deep if you clear out the hole periodically. Roots: Smaller roots this will chew through. However, the unit would definitely choke off if the root was bigger. I found that if I got to a large root, I would put the unit in reverse, and push into the root for a few rotations. That was normally enough to break the root and I could put the gear back in forward and proceed. Handle: I never had the handle come lose. Not with 600 holes and a good number of choke offs with larger roots. While the unit normally would choke off it it got bogged down, on about three occasions, it bit into what I was angering, and slung the unit around. The handle is about waist high. You figure out the rest... So be careful with the unit in soil that may give some kick back. Fatigue: I didn't have too much fatigue using this for long periods. For the most part, I worked the tool, not the other way around. Type of soil we worked in: Clay top for about 4 inches, then fine dirt with a healthy mix of small roots (ranging from 1/4" to 3/4") Gas efficiency: It doesn't hold much gas, but it seemed to operate a decent amount of time between fill ups. Gear system: This is my only real complaint. The gear system is very simple, and sometimes you have to rotate the bit a little, or spin up the unit, in order to transition from Neutral, to Forward, then to Reverse. Cost: This thing is pretty expensive for what it is, but there isn't much competition. I wish it was cheaper, but I buy Stihl for the quality and because this was made in the USA along with a great warranty.
  3. 3 years ago
    Great auger!
    Honest Pest Solutions uses the BT 45 to install all of our termite baiting systems. It is a great auger for termite and pest control companies. Not heavy, uses different auger bits and sizes. It will pay for its self in no time at all. The good news if that is what you use it for, it is a cheaper option than the bigger augers. With a 3" drill head the BT 45 has no problem going 12"-18" deep. Even in the Georgia red clay.
  1. 11 months ago
    Works great around the farm and my grave digging business
    I dig graves, and this machine really does a great job for digging for cremation urns, vaults etc...definitely easier than a shovel, and cheaper than hauling a mini excavator for this size very useful around the farm for putting in temporary corner posts for electric fences and other multiple uses...plan to put in some permanent fencing, using this to dig holes for concrete encased oilfield pipe posts...
  2. 6 months ago
    I highly recommend this post holder auger!!
    Huge time saver, dependable, more then enough power, light weight and one main important feature, The safety bar!! I was putting in some post holes in ground with hard clay with rocks and tree roots. Instead of causing serious injury (broken wrist or jerking your shoulder out of socket) or just kicking me off the digger the auger stops, but the motor will still runs. Saved my Beacon!! I research several post hole diggers, with out naming them, they were all less expensive, no safety devise, ... read more larger motors but cheaply built. I would rather spend more but save money down the road and have a piece of equipment that will give me years of service. Not to mention I would rather buy from a dealer ( Allseasons power equipment in Eugene Ore Great Folks with super Service!) then if there are any issues you have a trusted dealer that can help you out!!
  3. 1 year ago
    Solid performer
    Bought this auger to support our custom mailbox business and it’s done a solid job. Quality and reliability are key for our business. This is why we went with Stihl over other augers that were much less expensive. Cutting through undisturbed soil,clay, gravel and smaller roots is no problem with the 8 inch auger bit. A hole takes only a minute or so to complete. Great job Stihl team!!!
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