STIHL KombiSystem: One Motor, Multiple Attachments

With the Homeowner or Professional KombiSystem you only need one powerhead for your hedge trimming, grass trimming, edging, pruning, cleaning and cultivating needs. This dynamic tool combines a powerful handheld KombiMotor with up to 14 optional landscaping attachments. Each KombiSystem Attachment slides into the KombiMotor effortlessly and is secured via a quick-release coupling system.

This system not only saves on storage space, it also reduces the amount of fuel and maintenance needed when owning a fleet of yard tools. Best of all, the STIHL KombiSystem is lightweight and comfortable to use, making it the ultimate portable powerhouse.

For commonly asked questions about the KombiSystem, read our KombiSystem FAQs. Visit your nearest STIHL Dealer for more information.

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