Using the Rotary Surface Cleaner and Water Broom with a High-Pressure Washer

Save time and your strength by using STIHL’s 14’’ Rotary Surface Cleaner to blast the toughest dirt and grime from multiple large outdoor surfaces such as driveways, patios, sidewalks, decks, parking lots and more. Then quickly clean up loose debris with with STIHL water broom.

1. Sweep or blow away any loose debris, such as small rocks and leaves, that could impede the motion of the surface cleaner.
2. Connect a water supply to the pressure washer. Attach the surface cleaner to the high-pressure washer gun. Make sure all connections are secure.
3. Turn on the water supply and start the pressure washer, then release the trigger lockout on the high-pressure gun and squeeze the gun's trigger.
4. The spray bar under the surface cleaner will begin to rotate and create pressure. You must guide the surface cleaner as it glides along surfaces. Keep the surface cleaner moving in an even pattern for the best cleaning results.

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