How to Edge

Edging your lawn can be a breeze with STIHL. Watch this video and follow these simple steps to keep your lawn looking trim and manicured all year long.

  1. Before You Edge: If the soil is very dry, spray it with a little water to soften and reduce dust that can limit visibility while edging.
  2. Place Wheel Correctly: Place the wheel of the edger along a hard surface – such as the sidewalk or pavement – before you begin edging.
  3. Adjust Blade: Adjust the depth of the cut by adjusting the wheel up or down so that it barely touches the ground.
  4. Move in a Forward Motion: Always edge while walking in a forward motion, keeping pace with the edger.
  5. Clean Up: Using a battery-powered blower like the BGA 45, clear debris from the sidewalk or your driveway.

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