How to Measure Chaps

STIHL chainsaw protective chaps are made with multiple layers of Avertic® Pro by Engtex®, a cut-retardant material designed to clog the sprocket and stop the chain on gas-powered chainsaws in the event of accidental contact. STIHL chaps are classified by UL® (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) as chainsaw cut-resistant leg protection for all operators of gas-powered chainsaws. These lightweight, wash-and-wear chaps combine comfort and easy cleaning with high-performance protection. It’s important that chaps fit properly in order to work properly. Check out this video and let STIHL help you find safety in your size.

WARNING FOR CORDED ELECTRIC AND BATTERY CHAINSAW USERS! The fibers may not stop the sprocket on most corded electric chainsaws and some battery-powered chainsaws because of the constant high torque. However, to reduce the severity of injury from accidental contact with the chain, STIHL recommends that leg protection be worn when operating these types of chainsaws.

For more information, visit your nearest STIHL Dealer.

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