16-Inch SB80 Diamond Abrasive Wheels

The wheel may wobble for a brief period while the cut-off machine is accelerating and the wheel contacts the workpiece, posing a risk of loss of control of the machine or reactive forces, including kickback. Affected wheels include all 16-inch SB80 wheels sold since 2012, part number 0835 090 2028.

The label of affected wheels shown to the right. “STIHL” is printed on the wheel, along with the part number, 0835 090 2028, model number, “SB80,” and the wheelsize, 16-inches.

Other diameter sizes of SB80 wheels are not affected. STIHL 16-inch SB80 wheels, part number 0835 096 8000, are likewise not affected. Authorized STIHL Dealers will replace affected wheels at no charge.

For questions contact STIHL Inc. at 800-610-6677 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

SB 80