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Mike Pateneaude - Northeast STIHL

Maine, New Hampshire, Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island
Mike Pateneaude is a Product Applications Specialist with Northeast STIHL. Mike has been employed by Northeast STIHL since 1996 in a variety of service-related positions. Mike's previous power equipment experience was spent assisting his family running a power equipment Dealership. In the nearly twenty years at this Dealership, Mike's duties included sales, service and training.

He is a trainer/demonstrator who educates individuals in the proper and correct use of STIHL outdoor power equipment. He teaches product usage seminars and power equipment applications. He provides the knowledge people need to have to use STIHL equipment properly. Mike works with all kinds of end users from homeowners to professional loggers. He also teaches and demonstrates proper maintenance of STIHL equipment.

Mike's professional affiliations include the University of Maine Forestry Program, Rhode Island DOT, The Connecticut Homeland Security Task Force One, The Brickman Group and the SWOAM (Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine).

Please note: The Professional Instruction Program is designed for professional landscaping, tree services and public utility service groups. If you’re a non-professional or homeowner user, please contact your local STIHL Dealer for information or click here to view the chainsaw safety, maintenance and operation videos.

Mike Pateneaude
Northeast STIHL
Phone: 203-944-5665
Fax: 203-944-5642

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