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STIHL Saw Chain Guide

The Chain Matters

The STIHL Saw Chain Guide

Even a STIHL chainsaw is only as good as its chain. This is why you should always keep your chain in peak cutting condition. Here is your quick guide to your saw chain, including tips on sharpening your chain, as well as identifying types of saw chains and how to purchase replacements. NOTE: STIHL is the only chainsaw manufacturer to make the saw chains and guide bars for all its machines in-house.

Sharpening Your Chain

VIDEO: Sharpening Your Chain

If you have the tools, you can sharpen your saw chain at home or in the field. This quick video will walk you through the process, step by step.

Saw Chain Wear Guide (PDF)

Saw Chain Wear Guide (PDF)

Where’s the wear? Use this chart to properly diagnose the wear on your saw chain, including its likely cause and how to remedy it.

Saw Chain Identification Guide (PDF)

The Saw Chain Identification Guide (PDF)

When it's time to replace your saw chain, or pick up a spare, you might have a few options to consider. This guide helps identify the saw chains available for your STIHL chainsaw.

Anatomy of a STIHL Saw Chain

Making the Cut: Anatomy of a STIHL Saw Chain

STIHL designs and manufactures its own saw chains to deliver exceptional sawing performance. What makes STIHL saw chains unique? Find out here.

Sharpening Accessories

Sharpening Accessories

Put an edge on your DIY skills with sharpening accessories from STIHL, including files, holders, stump vices, kits, guides and more.

Sharpening Accessories

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