Get Your Hand Out of the Gutter

Get Your Hand Out of the Gutter

In spring and fall when leaf activity is at its peak, your gutters can be a gathering place for a host of unwanted visitors if they are not cleaned out on a regular basis. Debris buildup (leaves, small twigs, nuts, etc.) can prevent the proper flow of precipitation and has the potential of causing damage to the roof, foundation and basement – as well as ice and snow buildup in the winter. Proper knowledge and tools are imperative to simplifying the process and effectively clearing clogged gutters. Be prepared for your semi-annual gutter cleaning extravaganza with these useful tips and tricks to get you out of the gutter and enjoying the changing seasons.

There are two schools of thought regarding gutter cleaning: the old-fashioned way and a more modernized, technology-facilitated approach. Manual gutter cleaning involves a sturdy ladder, a scoop or trowel, non-slip shoes or boots, debris bag, and garden hose. While working from a ladder may seem to be an easy solution, it increases the risk of injury – not only to you – but also to the gutters themselves when resting a ladder against them.

Why not bypass the risks of climbing altogether? Work smarter with an array of gutter kit attachments for your power equipment that easily convert STIHL blowers and pressure washers into gutter cleaning machines. These attachments allow you to remain on firm ground. The gutter kit attachment for STIHL blowers includes plastic tubes that extend over ten feet, allowing you to reach gutter height without scaling the roof. First, make sure you wear the appropriate protective gear such as gloves, glasses and hearing protection. Wearing long sleeves is also recommended since using a blower may cause debris to fall. Simply attach the long gutter kit tube which features a 90° turn so that you can reach the gutters from the ground. Additionally, the STIHL gutter cleaner accessory for STIHL pressure washers also facilitates access to the gutter without the hassle of a ladder. Be advised. This is powerful equipment. Use caution when using a STIHL power washer as the high pressure can provide a powerful punch.

Gutter Downspouts
Cleaning downspouts is also quite the feat – but an important feat at that. Downspouts properly manage the flow of water, and clogged downspouts can disrupt this flow, resulting in the problems mentioned earlier. If your downspout runs underground, you may have to remove the bottom piece before you begin to clean it. Check to see if the downspout is clogged in the first place by simply running water from the hose through the top and seeing if the water easily runs out the bottom. If the water just trickles out, then use a plumbing snake to find and remove the clog, or more simply blast out the debris with a pressure washer.

Yes, cleaning gutters can take time and effort, but cleanup can be simplified by removing the gutter attachment from your leaf blower and merely blowing the debris away from the home. Additionally, you can take preventative measures, such as installing gutter covers, to lessen the frequency of cleaning.This does not eliminate the need for checking the gutters in the spring and fall. Hopefully, the more modernized, technology-facilitated school of gutter cleaning can save you vital time and effort, allowing you to get on with the more important things in life. Locate your local STIHL Dealer today to learn more about the blower gutter kit and the pressure washer accessory for your STIHL power tools.