Mark Chisholm Wins Third International Tree Climbing Championship

Third generation arborist secures title at the world championship
Release Date: 7/30/2010

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 (CHICAGO) –Mark Chisholm, one of the top tree care experts in the country, won top honors at the International Tree Climbing Championship in Chicago on July 25 at Morton Arboretum. The world championship title follows his recent win at the New Jersey Arborist’s Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture’s (ISA) Tree Climbing Competition where he won for the 18th consecutive year.
In a league of 55 competitors from around the world and six competitions, Chisholm finished in overall first place in Sunday's Master's Challenge. The five events in the competition were foot lock, speed climb, aerial rescue, throwline and work climb.
·         Belayed Speed Climb – Chisholm took 2nd place with a time of 32.34 seconds in this event that tests the contestant's ability to climb up a predetermined route from the ground to about 60 feet up a tree with a belayed climbing system attached for safety.
·         Secured Footlock-Chisholm took 2nd and climbed to a height of 15 meters in 14.12 seconds using only two lines and his upper and lower body strength
·         Aerial Rescue – Chisholm finished in 1st place with a score of 34.17 points in this timed event that tests the contestant's ability to climb to and safely lower a 150-pound dummy representing a climber who is unable to descend without assistance.

When not working in his family business, or winning championships, Chisholm shares his expertise with others. “Mark’s dedication, knowledge and commitment to the tree care industry are unparalleled,” said Roger Phelps, promotional communications manager for STIHL Inc. “His ability to share his knowledge and expertise with professionals and consumers alike positions him as one of the leading voices for tree care, and we at STIHL are pleased to support his efforts. The employees and dealers that are part of the STIHL family salute his championship win.”
Chisholm, who is a third-generation professional arborist with the family-owned Aspen Tree Expert Company in New Jersey, has been a spokesperson for STIHL Inc. since 2001 and uses STIHL products professionally and personally.
"Competing in the tree climbing championship series fulfills multiple aspirations of mine," said Chisholm. "Not only do I have an amazing experience competing and challenging myself each year, but I am also able to spread tree care awareness and educate the public about the value of trees."
Chisholm has earned three world championships and 17 top-5 finishes in his 20 years of competing in the International Tree Climbing Competition.
About Mark Chisholm
One part acrobat, one part expert rope climber, one part tree physiologist, and several parts competitor and thrill seeker, Mark Chisholm is a third-generation, certified arborist with his family-owned Aspen Tree Expert Company in New Jersey. His expertise in tree care has made him a sought-after consultant and industry spokesperson for the world of arboriculture, and he regularly travels the globe to consult with international arborist associations and conducts educational sessions nationwide on behalf of STIHL Inc.
Chisholm has won every International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) New Jersey Chapter Tree Climbing Championship for the last 18 years and is the current ISA International Tree Climbing Champion, an event he has won three times. Chisholm currently holds the world record in the 50-foot secured footlock climbing event, with a time of 13.8 seconds.
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