Supply of Direct Material for Production

Supply of Direct Material for Production

Products include: 
Raw materials including plastic resin, steel, aluminum, die castings, clutch drums, crankshafts, aluminum tubing, and plastic parts.

Key Requirements:
  • Focus on quality, consistency, and reliability in the delivery of the product
  • Pricing transparency including cost/mark-up information
  • Provide Vendor Managed Inventory services where requested
  • Use of STIHL preferred carrier ship programs and packaging requirements when requested
  • Adherence to the Direct Material PO Terms and Conditions
  • Agreement to a STIHL Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Adherence to the environmental considerations detailed in the list of Prohibited and Restricted Substances
  • Adherence to Supplier Requirements: SWN39001-01, SWN39001-02, and SWN39001-03
  • Adherence to the STIHL Supplier Manual (provided upon request)
  • Registering for electronic/ACH payments

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