Improving Product Performance

Improving Product Performance at STIHL

Never satisfied with success, STIHL is always working to improve product performance.

When a company is credited with literally creating an industry, and then follows that up with innovation after innovation spanning nearly a century, you might expect a bit of complacency.

Well, not at STIHL. In fact, the innovative spirit is alive and well oiled here, and we have the recent breakthroughs and a spectacular Research and Development Center to prove it. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

First, a little trip down innovation lane. Andreas Stihl developed the first electric chainsaw in 1926. Since then, STIHL engineers have established a long list of industry "firsts," technological advances that have since become industry standards.

Our innovations include the gearless saw, the anti-vibration system, electronic ignition, self-lubricating saw chains, chain brakes and many more. In recent years, breakthroughs such as a revolutionary proven low-emission STIHL engine, the STIHL Easy2Start™ system and prefiltration systems for cut-off machines and chainsaws have raised the bar for the environment, efficiency and comfort.

In Germany, the STIHL Engineering Center is already paying dividends. The company's largest single investment ever, the Center houses a Research and Development department charged with constantly exceeding tough performance standards, strict environmental measures and the STIHL reputation for superior quality.