Managing the Outdoors with STIHL Hand Tools

Managing the Outdoors with STIHL Hand Tools

From whitetail chasers to conservation specialists, managing the great outdoors can prove to be a difficult feat. As a professional who works in the open air, you know the importance of leaving the smallest imprint on the natural habitat as possible. Clearing line-of-sight shooting lanes, pruning trees to promote healthy growth, and refurbishing the land after storms and natural causes all require time, the right equipment and terrestrial knowledge to minimize your mark on the earth while still completing the task at hand.

When working in an environment where silence and stealth are key to preserving the surroundings and natural peace so as not to scare game, arborists, hunters and conservationists alike often seek quiet hand tools such as professional pole pruners, pruning saws, hand pruners, loppers, and axes in lieu of electric-, battery- or gas-powered equipment to reduce noise and emissions. As outdoor enthusiasts, you continually research ideas to minimize your presence when positioning game cameras, creating food plots, and clearing hiking trails. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to prune, clear or manage growth for your hunting, preservation or occupational needs:

Rules and Regulations

First and foremost, know and understand the local rules and regulations before beginning your project. Consult your state’s Department of Conservation website to confirm that you are within legal guidelines for the task at hand.

Proper Nutrition and Hydration

Proper nutrition and staying hydrated is vital when you are “on the job.” Pack a cooler with snacks and be sure to always have plenty of water on hand.

Pruning Techniques

Know the right time to prune and proper techniques to keep the vegetation healthy. The STIHL Pruning Guide provides diagrams and key information to aid you with the best method and time of year to trim common species of trees, shrubs and vines.

Protective Apparel

Don’t let your mother see you leaving the house without the appropriate protective gear! When using most STIHL hand tools, gloves and glasses are recommended to minimize the risk of injury while working in the outdoors. Be sure to use the appropriate protective apparel for any tool you use.

Proper Equipment

Use the right equipment – you’ll finish the job much more efficiently. Plus, STIHL hand tools are compact, lightweight and easy to throw in a backpack or tool bag so they’re always handy when you need them most.

Silence Your Scent

Hunters, especially, find silencing their scent beneficial to keeping a discreet presence among the natural habitat. In addition to using scentless soaps, laundry detergent, etc., check the weather and plan to work just before rain so that your scent can be washed away.

Caring for Nature

Whether trimming branches along a hiking path or preparing your stand for a big hunt, various factors play into reducing your chances of harming vegetation or being spotted by that twelve-point buck. Like you, STIHL is committed to decreasing its footprint on the earth with its “Caring for Nature” seal and investment in environmental research. Together, we outdoor enthusiasts can preserve our beautiful great outdoors while still getting the job done.

Need help finding the right equipment? Visit your local STIHL Dealer for assistance in selecting the equipment that’s right for you.